Sunday, January 25, 2015

News Round-Up

Westfields drew 2-2 with Coventry Sphinx in the Midland Football League yesterday at allpay.park. In the West Midlands Regional League Premier Wellington had a goalless draw at Wolverhampton Casuals, while Pegasus Juniors did not play. Malvern Town beat Black Country Rangers 7-0.

Jed McCrory's attempt to appeal the Court decision that Lee Power is the rightful owner of Swindon Town has been rejected. The long running dispute is now considered over by the Court, with McCrory claimed to have lied to the Court by Power after the original ruling in July. 

Several of Jon Taylor's 46 have been on the move. Serge Mor Diop has joined Gloucester City, being an unused sub in their win at Hyde yesterday. Sherdon Martinez has joined Tividale, who named Dequon Ebanks in their XI yesterday despite him supposedly having signed for Banbury.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Talking Bull Rebirth?

Could Talking Bull be set to rise again?

With a mention of fanzine Dial M For Merthyr earlier, several people have expressed an interest in a renewed Talking Bull.

First published in 1989, it published its last issue, no. 100, in April 2008. Now Keith Hall would like to hear from anyone wishing to contribute to a potential new issue.

Anyone interested can contact Keith on Twitter - or they can email us and we'll pass the details on.

Fact Finding Mission To Merthyr

Representatives of Hereford FC and HUST traveled to Merthyr Town today to talk to their Board about their experiences running their own club.

Merthyr Tydfil FC went bust in 2010 as a Southern League Premier side, reforming in the Western League and playing away from their Penydarren Park home. The new club currently sit on top of the Southern League Div 1 South/West, back at Penydarren Park, nine points clear of second place Taunton Town. More on Merthyr's journey through collapse and rebuild can be read at

Today they play at Penydarren Park on a 3G surface with a £1.8m redevelopment, funded by European development money, set to rebuild the clubhouse and modernise the stadium. The pitch is used seven days a week, bringing in a regular income stream, as well as being largely maintenance free.

Having never watched a game on a newer 3G surface before, you quickly forgot it was not grass - except for the lack of muddy goalmouths. It played as a very good grass surface would.

Several ex-Bulls were at the club with Steve Jenkins managing, and Gavin Williams and Ryan Green on the pitch. Guillem Bauza was suspended.

Gavin Williams in Black and White

Former Bulls trialist Kayne McLaggon netted both of Merthyr's goals in a 2-1 win over Fleet Town.

Programmes were £2. Chips, curry sauce, and two sausages were £2.50. And their weekly lottery Soccalot - the blueprint for HUST's Prize Bull - carried a rollover jackpot of £9,500 such was the support for the competition.

And the veteran fanzine Dial M For Merthyr was also on sale outside the ground for £1.

Update On HUFCtoo

This from HUST:

The HUFCtoo group have declined the invitation to present their plans to the HUST Board next Thursday.
The group told Chairman Chris Williams that, given the result of the Member vote this week, presenting their plans would be a ‘pointless exercise’, declining the invitation as ‘unity is the most important thing from here’.
 The HUST Board would like to thank the group for the approach.

Friday, January 23, 2015

To Lease Or Not To Lease

Machiavelli considers the lease situation:
I have read with great interest postings on social media sites regarding the position of any "occupation" of the Edgar Street Stadium following yesterday's Herefordshire Council's cabinet meeting at which a decision was taken which effectively leaves everyone in no man's land.
Hopefully this brief piece will assist those who are not sure what all the fuss is about and bring clarity to those who think they know but aren't quite so sure.
Any lease that is contracted outside the security of tenure provisions of the Landlord and Tenant Act renders any realistic hope of securing a meaningful football club dead.
It would seem from yesterday's meeting of the Council that the officers are only permitted to negotiate a lease of 3-5 years maximum and they will require exclusion from Section 24 -28 of the Act — simply put, this would result in a fixed term letting with no requirement on the Council to renew or compensate Hereford FC for all their hard work and any expenditure.
How therefore can the Hale/Trust proposal of Hereford F.C. move forward , after all it wouldn't be morally right for this new Club to offer shares to both the Supporters Trust and directly to the supporters as well as taking investment/start-up capital from a number of individuals with no guarantee of a lease extension. Sadly any promises from the current crop of Councillors are meaningless in the dirty world of politics!
It would appear that this Council like so many others around the Country are severely financially challenged and it would not be unreasonable to suggest that if they were skint at the time the initial lease expired at renewal and there were no elections looming they could turf off Hereford F.C. and sell the ground.
It is worth noting that even if the lease were contracted in to the act they could object to any renewal on section 30 grounds which cover for example redevelopment.
The stadium is generally acknowledged as being in a poor state of repair and requiring some essential repair works , clearly the Council have a duty to look after all public assets and they should not expect this new Club to take on all the liability for its current state, so how therefore could they suggest only letting this property for a few years having spent public money to deal with the lack of proper maintenance which under the previous regimes at Edgar Street they could have enforced but choose to look the other way.
I suspect that the Council think that a "benefactor" should pick up this bill — I suggest that this is a non-runner, the promise of start-up capital to Hereford F.C. appears to have been made to develop a football club not make good the Council's lack of asset management.
The Hale/Trust consortium it seems have brought in a Landlord and Tenant surveyor to assist them in all property matters, what a remarkably sensible move, not something usually associated with the old HUFC — an expert in a relevant discipline , at least Hereford F.C. won't get tucked up and supporters relieved of their money on a false prospectus.
If you want Hereford F.C. to become the reality at Edgar Street it needs a lease and a ground which is "fit for purpose", talk of a new stadium and relocation are all well and good and provisions to accommodate these objectives can be drafted into a lease- but first and foremost this phoenix club needs the air to breathe or it is dead before it begins.
This council were prepared to grant the Keyte and Nenaditch regime a 30 year lease deal even when they were already in the financial mire and so why not grant a phoenix club a 10 year lease with proper break and recovery clauses. Hereford F.C. it seems has a plan, start-up finance in place and real support, surely the Council are capable of evaluating the Hereford F.C. plan and recognising the value to the community of a football club called Hereford again?
Please Herefordshire Council —give it a chance!

Football At Edgar Street Is The Objective Says Council Leader

Tony Johnson, leader of Herefordshire Council, has gone into some detail into how the Council sees the future of Edgar Street.

"What we are saying is that the people whoever it is that take over the ground to get football started again at Edgar Street will need to provide certain information to the FA by March 1st," Johnson told BBC Hereford and Worcester this morning.

"In order to meet that quite tight deadline, it's not many weeks away, we are saying that we will not have the time to conduct the full investigation on whoever the new tenant would be.

"And therefore what we are proposing to do is to offer a short lease initially, because we won't have time between now and March 1st to conduct due-diligence on an applicant.

"So we'll offer a short term lease to begin with so we can get football going again this year at Edgar Street.

"And once we've got a new tenant in we will then be in discussion with whoever that tenant is whilst we continue the rest of our investigations to make sure they are a fit and proper person or body and then we will talk to them about what sort of extensions etc that might be appropiate for them."

The Council Leader was then asked if he could guarantee that football will still be being played at Edgar Street in five years time.

"No I can't because I don't know who is going to take it on.

"Suppose we take somebody on and in three or four years time they go belly-up. What will then happen?

"We looking after a publically owned asset, we have a responsibilty. This ground belongs to tax-payers, not to you and I and certainly not to the Council.

"We are looking after it, we're saying if we are looking after it we will look at all possibilities.

"Nobody can guarantee that football will be played there in one year, five years or fifteen years.

"It would depend on the new person who comes in, what they want to do, their discussions with us.

"What we want to do is get football started again at Edgar Street and we want to do it in a proper and appropiate way having taken care of a publically owned asset.

"We won't rush into it. We want to do proper due-diligence on whoever is coming in and we will do that.

"Once that person is in and we've got football up and running and if it looks good, why would we not then go into negogiations with that tenant?

"They might come to us and say we've got a big investor here who would like to put some more money in but we would need a longer lease. Can we re-negogiate?

"Of course we would sit down and talk with them. Suppose they came back to us and said 'we think it's going to be that good that in five years time it's going to be huge, we wouldn't know where to park, it's so expensive to keep this ground up. Could you give us a different ground somewhere else in the city', of course we would, why wouldn't we?

"The objective is to get football again in Edgar Street and do it in a proper and responsible way and to make sure we protect the public asset."

More Inside Edgar Street

The parts that have been in use are generally in workable condition

But the unused sections have been allowed to fester

And the whole stadium needs a good clean

This unsafe barrier would probably fail an inspection

News Round-Up

Torquay have brought in former Oxford chairman Kelvin Thomas to review the business. Thomas was in charge when the U's regained their Football League status, and will advise Chairman Thea Bristow on changes to make the club more sustainable. Manager Chris Hargreaves has had to axe some of his fringe players in recent weeks and has no funds to strengthen his mid-table Conference side.

Gillingham have told a newspaper that does not cover the club that they are banned from the ground. The Kent & Sussex Courier says it hasn't covered a match at Priestfield for over ten years, but the club has told it that a ban issued to the long defunct Medway News three years ago extends to the paper, part of the same group, which wanted to cover a Tonbridge Angels Kent Cup match at the ground.

Port Vale chairman Norman Smurthwaite says it would be cheaper to ban away fans than allow them into the stadium for the Valiants coming home match with local rivals Crewe. The Railwaymen have sold 600 tickets for the game, with Smurthwaite saying the income is cancelled out by the Policing costs for the game. Westfields say that former Jon Taylor charge Sam Bobes-Gilroy has left the club and returned to Spain just two days after signing for them.

Another of Jon Taylor's 46 has signed for a new club. Striker Bradley Fortnam-Tomlinson has joined Northern Premier side Ilkeston. He had only joined Grays a month before. Grays, meanwhile, have had planning permission for a new stadium in Aveley refused by the Government. The application had been in the works for nearly seven years.

Official Receiver In Touch With Lonsdale

The Official Receiver has been in touch with former Hereford United Chairman Andy Lonsdale and the other Directors regarding the club's collapse.

The Insolvency Service released the following to the Worcester News:

“Some assets - mainly chairs and tables - have been recovered but they are not likely to generate much. At this stage, it does not appear there is much that can be auctioned.

"The directors of the limited company have been contacted and they will be coming in to provide details of what led to the company’s liquidation and related matters.”

Bristol based Official Receiver Mitzi Mace is in charge of the liquidation.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Three Groups In For Edgar Street Says Council Leader

Herefordshire Council Leader Tony Johnson has said that there are 'potentially' three interested parties in taking on the Edgar Street lease which, initially, will be for two and a half years.

Interviewed on BBC Midlands Today Johnson added.

"I think the supporters have been wonderful and nothing would please me more than see the re-birth of football in Hereford and hopefully this year."

Also interviewed was Jon Hale leader of the business group who, along with HUST, are hopeful of gaining the lease.

"We feel we have a very creditable plan which we've presented to Hereford Council.

"And over the last couple of days 97% of the Supporters Trust members have voted to accept that proposal.

"Ideally we would like a longer lease than that and there will be a period of negotiation whilst we make our application.

"Ideally five to ten years as a starting point would be fantastic for us.

"But we need to see the detail of the tenancy agreement first and then we'll go from there.

"We understand that the ground is old and in need of repair.

"Having said that what we need to do is get this new football club on a very sturdy platform and to do that I feel we need to be at Edgar Street for five to ten years.

"After that obviously again negotiations with the Council to go and build us a Football League stadium."

We'll Never Die

A Bulls fan and a Danish songwriter have written a song for Hereford FC and they are looking for feedback on the tune.

Jens Ottosen wrote the song after being told about the fate of the Bulls by friend Ed Dallimore, a Bulls fan of 35 years and owner of The Golden Lion pub in Aarhus, who wrote the lyrics.

The recording is a 'rough and ready lounge recording' and if popular they will do a proper studio recording of the song. Ed told us:

'He understands the clubs plight and the new project that has started and wants ZERO financial gain from this venture. Indeed he hopes that if he can create something commercial, the club should benefit which I think is an amazing gesture.'

Another Council Agenda For Edgar Street?

Cllr Terry James, leader of the Lib Dems on Herefordshire Council, isn't happy with the two year lease deal offered to a new football club for Edgar Street.

"This two year lease and then with a break clause makes it look very suspicious that the Council has another agenda of making the club fail and thereby being able to get the ground and use it as a cash cow," James told BBC Hereford and Worcester.

"I think the lease is too short.

"In order to get people to put money into the club , it will need hundreds of thousands of pounds in the coming years in order to get the club up and running again.

"To offer just a two year lease is harmful to that being achievable."

However Tony Johnson, leader of the Council, didn't agree and said there were interested parties.

"We have a responsibility to be quite sure that what we are doing is what is in the best interest of the owners and a residents of this county," said Johnson.

"It would be a derelection of duty not to look at all options.

"And those options would include perhaps playing football somewhere else and doing something different with the ground.

"Who knows?".

Petition To Assign Edgar Street Leases To Hereford FC

A petition is already well underway calling on Herefordshire Council to assign the lease of Edgar Street to Hereford FC.

Herefordshire Council Statement On Edgar Street

This from Herefordshire Council:

Cabinet has made the decision today (Thursday 22 January) to invite expressions of interest in the tenancy at Edgar Street Athletics Ground.
Expressions of interest will be sought for a short term lease for the ground which is proposed to begin on the 1 March 2015 and run until July 2017.
It is vital that the tenancy begins on this date if football is to continue at the site next season. An application to the Football Association to play football at the ground will need to be in place ahead of this date to ensure its continuation.
Any expressions of interest in the tenancy will need to meet certain criteria; the applicants will need to provide sufficient financial resources and demonstrate significant engagement with stakeholders at a local level.
Cllr Tony Johnson, leader of Herefordshire Council said, “We really do want to ensure that there is football at Edgar Street next season, hence inviting expressions of interest for a short term lease at the ground. We have a very short time span to get everything in place to meet the Football Association’s deadline for registration.
Once we have tenants in at Edgar Street and football continuing, cabinet will consider longer term arrangements in the autumn.”

Inside Edgar Street

These pictures were taken recently inside Edgar Street:

Edgar Street is in a general state of disrepair

One of the turnstile areas now looking like a jungle

Pitch frost covers chewed  up by rats

A leak in the roof has left the back door to the Main Office drenched

At least two of the toilet blocks have burst pipes during the cold weather

Vote Gives Hereford FC 'Clear Mandate' Says Watson

After announcing the result of the 'Hereford FC' vote to BBC Hereford and Worcester this morning. HUST vice-chairman Martin Watson gave his reaction.

"The ballot closed at midnight last night and 96.71% of our members (who took part) voted in favour to accept the proposals.

"77% turnout.

"I think the voice couldn't have been much clearer.

"It's given the Hereford FC proposal a clear mandate to move forward in their negotiations with Herefordshire Council and the FA.

"The facts are that since the club folded we (HUST) have doubled in size and a lot of those people who were still going to matches have joined us.

"We are not an exclusive organisation, we are inclusive.

"Come and join us, come and see what it's like

"We are going to do what the fans want us to do.

"The next step is that Hereford FC, which has already been formed as a company, will begin negotiations with the Council.

"They've got a Council meeting today in which they are going to discuss the leases on Edgar Street. Hopefully from that a proposal will be put forward for people to express interest in Edgar Street. Hereford FC will be one of those.

"Hopefully we can secure the ground and look towards planning for next season.

"The Council have indicated that they will be ready to name a tenant by the first of March so we've got just over five weeks to do quite a lot of work." 

Lee Symonds Joins HFA

This from the Herefordshire FA:

The Herefordshire Football Association is pleased to announce the appointment of Lee Symonds as their new Administration Manager.

Lee, who has a strong footballing interest, was associated with local side Westfields at both junior and senior level, before spending a very long time at Hereford United.  Lee started at Edgar Street as an office apprentice back in 1997, but soon rose through the ranks to assume the role of Club Secretary, a position that he held for 3 years.  When the last outfit took over at Edgar Street Lee left his position.

In his time at Edgar Street Lee gained valuable experience towards the role that he has undertaken with the HFA and knows that he steps into a position that was fulfilled to the highest level by Val, who will remain as the County Welfare Officer.

“When the opportunity to get back into day to day running of football administration became available, I knew it was a great opportunity for me to reconnect with something that I have a strong affinity with. I have a huge task ahead of me in getting to know another side of football administration but also in filling the role that Val fulfilled to a very high standard for a very long time”.

“I look forward in combining this role, with my other roles that I currently undertake within the HFA and getting to know the local football community”.

Jon Hale ‘Humbled’ After HUST Members Back Hereford FC Proposal

This from Hereford FC:

Speaking this morning after hearing the result of the Hereford United Supporters Trust (HUST) membership ballot that has taken place over the past two days, Jon Hale said:
“As a group we are delighted by the support HUST members have shown us. For almost 97% of those people who voted to accept our proposal really is very humbling.
“We firmly believe the work we have put in to this plan over the past 8 months will give us a platform to show all supporters that there is a bright, exciting future for Hereford FC.
“We are well aware there are months, years in fact, of hard graft ahead of us to ensure this club can be run sustainably, with both supporters and the local community at the very heart of its fabric.
“I can guarantee that the club’s Board of Directors will be committed to giving supporters a club they can be proud of, not just on match day, but every day.
“We are also aware that we will only be able to achieve our goals if Hereford FC becomes a real team effort and with that in mind we will be sharing information about how people can get involved in building this club as soon as we can.
“Having expressed our delight, it’s also important I say that we are well aware that many people have taken a ‘leap of faith’ to vote in favour of our proposal, as for very specific reasons we have not been able to release as much information as we would have liked.
“However, I am confident the faith shown by so many fans will not be misplaced and we will offer fans who still have concerns all the reassurances they need as we move forward.
“After all that’s gone on in recent months, we know it will take some time to rebuild the trust of supporters, even though we played no part in the events that saw the sad demise of Hereford United Football Club.
“Safeguarding the club for future generations is rightly the absolute priority for all supporters and the Articles of Association will be paramount to ensure Hereford FC is protected from anyone with malicious intentions. We will build the Articles of Association in conjunction with the HUST Board so that everyone feels protected.
“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped get us to this point, but rest assured there will be no downing of tools. Our immediate priority will now be to liaise with Herefordshire Council to find out exactly what process we need to follow to apply to become the new tenants at Edgar Street.
“The council are aware of the speed at which we need to move to meet Football Association (FA) deadlines, so in the next few days it’s very important we know exactly what is expected of us.
“Finally, once again I’d just like to thank the HUST Board and its membership for the support they have shown our proposal and the faith they are willing to put in us.
“We believe we have put together a plan to give Hereford FC the best possible chance of on and off field success, and give long suffering Hereford United fans the type of football club they truly deserve.
“Thank you once again.”

Hereford FC Proposal Vote Result

This from HUST:

The HUST Board is able to announce that the vote on the Hereford FC proposal has generated an overwhelming positive vote by the Membership.

Having recommended the proposal to our members, we can announce that 96.71% of voters accepted the proposal to form a partnership with the Jon Hale group to form Hereford FC. 

The result will now give Hereford FC a mandate to take on negotiations with Herefordshire Council and the FA.

Apart from email votes, we received more than eighty via telephone to our special voicemail number.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

UITC face tough second half of the season

A back log of games and a squad short of numbers means Youth Team need to pull through in the last few months of the season

Today's game at Cheltenham was off due to a waterlogged pitch, our third game in a row, it means we haven't played since our first league defeat to Burton which was on the 10th of December. We find ourselves with a lot of games to catch up on and that will make or break our season.

Having games in hand can go either way, if you get a good form of form going then you want them to come thick and fast as confidence is high, this can lead to a good point hall. However on the other side of that, some bad results and loss of confidence can really hit you hard and we can't afford that if we want to achieve our aspirations for the season.

With games in hand we can still go within 2 points of the league leaders and we also have the National Cup to look forward to. It will be hard as we have a very small squad. If today's game had been played then we would of travelled to Cheltenham with an 11 man squad of which 3 had not trained with the team on Monday and Tuesday and no subs being available to us as we would of been without 4 players and no U16s due to different reasons. This makes our second half the season tough, any injuries can harm us in our bid to reach the cup final and finish in the top 3 of the league.

In the 2 1/2 weeks since the Christmas break we have been doing a lot of fitness work, mainly on the training ground as the gym equipment which was so valuable to us was taken away when Hereford got wound up. We have also graced the hills at Haugh Woods and Credenhill, something the boys love to hate. In that time we could not have been happier with the effort levels put in. Myself, Steve Brotherwood, Jonny Evans and Josh Hunt have been delighted with both the performance and developmental groups with their attitude and application.

One thing that is spurring on the boys is the chance to be involved with whoever takes over the Edgar Street ground to become part of the new Hereford Football Team. Jon Hale along with the HUST have become front runners in that bid and everyone of the UITC players wants to be in with a chance to wear the badge next season with pride as we hope to be part of the set up. This brings us back to end of our season, we have 4 months to get them ready to put their case forward to a new manager and that will be part of our aim. Win, lose or draw they have to learn from every game and if their attitudes stay the same then we will be proud to put them forward for a chance to add to the history of HUFC as we knew it, and to start a new chapter in that history book.

We now have 3 home games in a row at Victoria Park starting next Wednesday when we take on a Chelsea side based in Darmouth in the league, before the quarter final of the National Cup against Oxford. All supporters are welcome and kick off times along with details will be posted on here.

Rob Purdie

HUST Chairman Speaks To HUFCtoo

This from HUST:

HUST Chairman Chris Williams has received contact from the group calling themselves HUFCtoo.
Noting the short time frame that remains to meet the FA and Council demands, and that their plan is still being formed, he has invited the group to present their plan at the next HUST Board meeting on Thursday, January 29th.

News Round-Up

Aldershot have sacked manager Andy Scott after last night's home defeat to Kidderminster, their ninth loss in ten games. The Shots have placed captain Chris Barker in temporary charge. Southport boss Gary Brabin has quit the club after just over three months in the job. Brabin has taken a coaching job at Everton, leaving his assistant Paul Carden in charge of the Sandgrounders.

Bristol Rovers are to take Sainsburys to Court to force through the completion of the deal on their current Memorial Ground home in order to progress their move to a new ground. The much delayed project will now go to Court in a months time. The new ground was due to be open this Summer, but is already delayed to the summer of 2016 before this Court action.

Westfields Sign Bobes-Gilroy

Westfields have signed another of the 46 players used by Hereford United this season.

Sam Bobes-Gilroy is the fifth of Jon Taylor's charges to sign for the allpay.park outfit this season. He played for Cheltenham's reserves yesterday alongside Luis Morrison-Derbyshire, another of Taylor's signings, in a bid to earn a full time deal. He will remain with Westfields only while he seeks a contract with a professional side.

Westfields are at home this Saturday in the Midland Football League, where they face Coventry Sphinx who are three points and two places below them in the table.

Meanwhile another of the 46, Jonah Gregory, has joined Hoddesdon Town of the Spartan South Midlands Football League - the same step of the pyramid as Westfields.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Good Turnout In HUST Vote

The HUST vote on the proposals for a new club are continuing.

As at 9pm this evening over 800 are said to have cast their vote.

That number is just over half of the current HUST membership.

Voting will continue until midnight tomorrow (Wednesday) and the result is expected on Thursday afternoon.

Meanwhile, HUST have released the following clarification:

The statement released by London Bulls yesterday contained an inaccuracy regarding the beliefs of the HUST Board. The statement misleadingly suggested that the entire HUST board believed the message miscommunicated by Chris Williams at a meeting in London last Wednesday. This is not the case, and Chris’s error was swiftly rectified so that it was communicated correctly the following day at the Open Meeting in Hereford.

50% of shares in Hereford FC will be ring-fenced, and available for purchase only by HUST. HUST voting rights on shares will only be for the amount of shares owned at that particular point in time. More importantly, the three HUST Board members on the Club Board will have full voting rights from day one.

News Round-Up

Torquay are speaking to a set of unnamed potential investors. The Gulls have relied on support from lottery millionaire Thea Bristow in recent seasons, and have seen four members of their board depart this season. Ambitious Conf South side Ebbsfleet have unveiled plans to redevelop their Stonebridge Road site. Their plans will go on display to supporters next week with a new main stand and commercial facilities at the centre of the project.

Ryman Division One South side Worthing have cut their playing budget to zero, having slashed it in November. The Rebels had previously warned that they needed to find £6,000 a month just to open the doors without a playing budget. Kidderminster are reported to be interested in resigning controversial striker Lee Hughes. The 38 year old, who is out of favour at Forest Green, watched the Harriers lose to Macclesfield at the weekend.

Sutton United manager Paul Doswell claims he has put over £1million into the club over the past seven years. The under fire boss says he paid for a £200,000 refurbishment of the ground over the summer, with his position under fire from disgruntled fans.

Save 1939 Changes To Forever United

The Save 1939 forum has changed its name to Forever United.

Everything else about the private forum remains the same.

The change has taken place as it was felt that the Save 1939 name was 'no longer appropriate'.

Their strap line has also changed.

'Welcome to the Private Forum - Infiltrators will be force fed out of date ES soup'.

Pugh Saddened By Hereford's Plight

Former Hereford United winger Marc Pugh has expressed his concern for the problems at Edgar Street.

"I was really disappointed and upset," Pugh told the Bournemouth Echo.

"I think they needed £1million to survive and that’s what some Premier League clubs spend on wages for a couple of players.

"I know the fans are trying to rebuild the club and I’m sure it will be back.

"Hereford got my career back on track." 

Clarification Over HUST Voting Rights

London Bulls have released a letter which confirms the position about the Trust's voting rights in the proposed Hereford FC.

To: London Bulls

Chris Williams, the HUST chairman met with a group of us on the 14th of January, and is concerned that a piece of information given to supporters that evening is inaccurate. He stated that the voting rights from our entire allocation would available from day one, irrespective of the amount actually purchased. He has subsequently discovered that he and the HUST board were labouring under a misapprehension and this is not the case, so to clarify.

50% of shares in Hereford FC will be ring-fenced, and available for purchase only by HUST. However, HUST voting rights will only be for the amount of shares owned at that particular point in time.

Please be assured that this was simply a misunderstanding, but the HUST board feel it vitally important to remain open and honest in all of their actions and communications, and that as soon as the error was discovered, it was made public.

Many thanks.

Mitchell Stansbury - London Bulls HUST liaison.

Hereford FC - The Name Is Getting Known

With the poll to decide on proposals for a new club called Hereford FC opening this morning at 8am, there's little doubt that all the publicity surrounding the proposed new club is working.

Indeed BN has received a request from a French based player to ask if he might be considered for a trial at the new club.

A French full back named Mickael Regulant is looking for a club in the United Kingdom at which to trial:

Mickael is 24, has played for France U16s, UA Kaerjeng (Luxembourg, playing for them in the 2008 UEFA Europa League), the Polish Premier League and Swiss Second Division.

If Mickael could possibly be considered for a trial at Hereford FC, his email is

Monday, January 19, 2015

Prize Bull Draw 35

This from HUST:

Prize Bull draw No.35 took place on Monday night. The winning numbers are 9, 12, 16, and 19. Should you have the winning combination, please contact to claim the jackpot.
 More details on the Prize Bull Lottery and entry forms are on the Prize Bull Lottery page.