Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Yet Another Diversion

Nailswortholdbull isn't impressed by  today's reports that three ex-Hereford United players have received some back pay from new majority owner Tommy Agombar.

Below he explains why.

So, at long last, it appears that Tommy & Co, have dug into their collective pockets, and managed to pay a whole 3 players, all at once, and only 4-5 months late, and after (approximately, as we've all given up counting!) probably 6-8 recent promises to meet deadlines that were never kept.
Significantly, the players paid, Bobbie P, Rhys Evans, and Luke G, appear to be those who were most vociferous in both their condemnation of this regime, and their demands for their money. Am I cynical in thinking that Tommy & Co are trying to shut down the most articulate of their footballing creditors? Nah, it's just a coincidence, ennit?

Allow our cynicism a little more rein, and we now hear that Tommy & Co (I refuse to shame our great little club further, by naming it as the culprit) have applied for some extra time to pay the balance of footie creditors. Do they really think that the Southern League is as weak & toothless as they appear to be? Does Joel Nathan's claimed "relationship" with a senior member of the SL board get him favours which would NEVER be granted to any other club in the division? The SL HAS to stick to it's imposed deadline, otherwise their credibility will be totally destroyed. And NOT just with Bulls fans, but more particularly, with their member clubs.
Do Tommy & Co think that paying just 3 players, out of ALL the football creditors they told the local council they would pay 2-3 weeks ago, has influenced the views of the Council? Do they think that Tommy's own admission, that he is budgeting for gates of 500, this coming season, will give him sufficient income to pay this year's rent, let alone the chunks of the £65k outstanding debt, that he has promised to pay out over the next 3 seasons?

The lies have gone on long enough, and they are all, mostly, well documented. They have been made, not only to supporters, employees and players, but also, to people in authority, at the Council, HMRC, the Hereford Times (who, thankfully, now appear to have seen the light), and to the Southern League. It has to stop, and soon. We have people of intelligence being made to look stupid, and people with responsibilities to others who are neglecting those responsibilities, in letting TA & Co carry on with this charade.

You can fool some of these people some of the time, but not ALL of them ALL of the time.

To those that can do something to stop this rot, I say, PLEASE, do not be swayed by the small amount of money that TA & Co have handed over today. It does NOT prove ANY intent whatsoever, to pay others. Don't take my word for it, just examine the trail of broken promises leading up to this point! 

Payments Begin To Trickle Through To Creditors

It is understood that a couple of players have received their back wages from the club today.

A number of the other football creditors have confirmed that they are still waiting payment.

Update: As of 4.30pm three players had confirmed they had received payments, but more than a dozen players and staff said they had received nothing as yet.

Club Seeking More Time For Payments

The Hereford Times reports that Hereford United have asked for more time to make payments to football creditors.

Despite having had nearly two months to settle debts, the paper says the club have asked the Southern League for more time. So far today, none of the football creditors have received payments despite the latest round of promises.

The paper also reports that their calls to Joel Nathan are not being returned, while the Southern League are expected to make a statement on the situation.

Update: BBC Hereford and Worcester report that the Southern League are unlikely to make a statement today.

Rent And Proposed Land Swap At Edgar Street

Yesterday BN carried some information from Herefordshire Council about the rent, the leases and proposed land swap at Edgar Street. (

Former Hereford United director Bob Pritchard has added his thoughts about the issue.

The rent has always been agreed at £10k p/a and is reviewed every 10 years within the 30 year lease.

As far as the triangle of land swap, there is a tenancy of will in place for the council to use their land and the club to use their land for a period of 12 months and at the end of the term both parties take possession of the swap land to square the land up.

It can take place earlier by notification by either party however this is unlikely to happen, the 12 months is up in Feb 2015.
The Council require their triangle for the development of Merton Meadow land and the club requires theirs for the squaring up of the strip of land for the development of the apartment scheme at the back of the Meadow End.

There is an obligation for the club to fence this land on vacant possession with no direct access to the Merton Meadow car park land to the north, so all supporters will have to exit via the sides ie Edgar Street and the new car park road located beyond the current boundary below Radfords. 

Silkmen Face Further Cash Problems

Macclesfield manager John Askey says he will have to build a squad with the lowest budget in the Conference this season.

The Silkmen continue to have money troubles after a season of struggle last term, with Askey describing their budget last season as 'bottom 2 or 3' but now seeing it cut further. He says he still needs eight new signings this summer and will speak with club owner Amar Alkhadi over finances this week.

He told the Manchester Evening News that his set budget was 'unrealistic' and 'way below anybody else' and hoped that Thursday's talks would get the club somewhere near to last year's comparative 'fortune' of a budget.

The Silkmen stayed in the Conference only after Alkhadi put money in at the last minute to settle debts at the AGM, with Director Andy Scott having set up a takeover deal following the collapse of moves to turn the club into a Community Interest Company.

Meanwhile, Worcester City have announced a loss of £43,175 for the 2012/13 season. They say that it is 50% cheaper for them to stage matches at Kidderminster, where it costs around £2,000 a game, compared to St George's Lane due to the ageing state of their former ground.

They have already sold 250 season tickets for the coming season, and also operate a successful lottery scheme that generates £50,000 a season.

Former Staff Await Payment Arrival

Former staff and players are again awaiting news of payments hitting their bank accounts today after being told they will arrive by Tommy Agombar and Andy Lonsdale.

With the clock ticking on the Southern League's deadline for payment, a string of football creditors were told over the last two days that funds would arrive in their accounts on Tuesday or Wednesday.

However some football creditors have heard nothing at all from the club intensifying frustration at the lack of communication from the new regime, with anger at the broken promises of payments overflowing.

The Insolvency Practitioner handling the CVA process has told some of the football creditors that they will not be part of the CVA deal, with the CVA offer still to be sent to creditors.

The trialist side went to Leeds to face Besiktas in a hired minibus and some cars, and took to the field in used kit from seasons past - some carrying the Football League logo - with the game receiving limited coverage in the English press, most of it bemusement at the game's existence against the plight of the club.

With little evidence that the influx of money that Agombar had promised weeks ago has actually arrived, the situation remains grave at Edgar Street.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ex-Bull Watch

Marlon Jackson is the latest ex-Bull to link up with Eastleigh. The forward, who ended last season at Halifax, is on trial with the Spitfires after turning down an opportunity with Carlisle. He got the chance after his agent contacted the club, and manager Richard Hill spoke to Chris Todd.

Steve Jennings has signed for Port Vale. The former Tranmere and Motherwell midfielder has signed a one year deal with the Valiants, joining fellow former Bulls loanee Mark Marshall at the club.

Danny Leadbitter is now on trial at Southend. He played in their game with Braintree at the weekend and also faced a Colchester side today.

Supporters Team Confirm Groundshare With Pegasus Juniors

The Hereford United Supporters Team have confirmed that they will have use of the pitch and facilities at Pegasus Juniors for any home Supporters Team matches this season.

The news article released on the Supporters Team website reads: "We would like to thank the support of everyone at Pegasus Juniors, we look forward to using their fantastic facilities throughout the coming months, and building on our already strong relationship between the two sides."

Beadle Gives Inspiring Team Talk To Supporters Team

Council Deny £1 Rent Claim

Herefordshire Council have denied that the rent on Edgar Street dropped to £1 with the new leases.

In updating their FAQ on Hereford United yesterday (link) the Council say the rent on the ground is still £10,000 a year. The FAQ also notes that the Council have been told that £52,500 of their debt will be settled this financial year, with the remaining £12,500 next financial year.

The FAQ also says that a proposed land swap on the site, swapping two triangles of land to 'square up' the site, has not been completed with the Council saying the club 'has not taken this option forward'.

Fans Team Announce New Fixture

'Oxo' Talking To Trevor Owens For BBC H&W
This from Oxo:

We are pleased to announce we have arranged a friendly with Royston Town, this will be played before the their 1st team play Aylesbury United on August 23rd. We hope members of the London Bulls will be taking part, as well as those ex players who live closer to the capital. More info will be released when we have them.

This game has been designated as a HUFC solidarity day, so we hope as many fans can support this day, as well as the supporters game earlier.

More details on the fixture will be released in due course.

Prize Bull Draw 9

This from HUST:

Prize Bull draw No.9 took place on Monday night at Ledbury Town.
The winning numbers are 6, 8, 12, and 18
Should you have the winning combination, please contact to claim the jackpot.

Lower League Football To Be Debated in Parliament

Hereford MP Jesse Norman is to take part in a debate about lower league football.

As you will know I remain deeply concerned about the situation at Hereford United. To highlight the situation I have been pressing for a parliamentary debate on the future of non league football.

I am very pleased to let you know that I have now been granted time in the Commons chamber for a debate on Thursday, 4 September 2014. The debate will be held at around midday, and a minister from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport will have the opportunity to respond.

The priority for my speech will be the situation at Hereford United, but I also hope to cover some of the broader issues facing lower-league football.

I will be working on my speech over the next few weeks and would be interested to receive any contributions from fans, HUFC creditors or anyone else who cares about football in the community. 

The announcement of the debate is online at It would help if you could tweet this link or put it on Facebook or other social media, with this email address so that interested parties can get in touch. .

Thanks From Supporters Team

654 Hereford United fans turned out to support an 'alternative fixture' for those Bulls fans who are currently taking part in a boycott of the Edgar Street club

Ledbury And Hereford Together
Everyone associated with the Hereford United Supporters Team would like to extend their thanks to all those who attended last night’s game at Ledbury, your support was incredible.
The match was not about winning, and despite the 6-2 defeat the players thoroughly enjoyed their 90minutes. We hope that you enjoyed watching the game with over 650 like-minded fans.
We would like to thank Ledbury Town for their extremely warm welcome, they played fantastic hosts both to the players and the supporters.
We would also like to thank Pete Beadle, Steve Jenkins and Jonny Evans who all gave their time, passion and expertise for free.
We’d also like to thank Sam Gwynne, Jon Hill, Callum Brennan and Max Kontic for pulling on the famous white shirt once more.
This isn’t the end, and our next game against Worcester City could be even bigger and better (is that possible?).
Supporters club secretary Chris Oleksy has already lined up former players who were members of the Conference Play Off Final win in 2006 and who also turned out for The Bulls during their League 1 spell. The players confirmed so far are Steve Guinan, Wayne Brown, Tony James and Alex Jeannin.

The game against Worcester City is set to be played at Malvern FC on 3rd August.

Nathan To "Agree Terms With New Safety Officer"

Despite claiming to have no influence at the club, and having to resort to quoting a 'reliable source', Grays CEO Joel Nathan says he is set to agree terms with a new Safety Officer at Edgar Street.

Nathan told the Hereford Times: “I will be agreeing terms with a new safety officer for the ground on Wednesday" as he spoke about the ground being ready to comply with Council demands on Friday.

Council officer Marc Willimott confirmed a meeting at the club yesterday, tweeting that the club had been told what it needed to do and he had been told the work would be completed for the start of the season.

Nathan also told the paper that a 'reliable source' had told him that football creditors would be paid: “I know that I said that I would not be saying anything but, to the best of my knowledge, football creditors are being paid today or tomorrow.

“I have been told by a very reliable source who knows what’s going on and that is football creditors will be paid.”

Some former staff members were informed by text message yesterday that they would be paid today.

Post Friendly Beadle

Pete Beadle Being Interviewed By Trevor Owens And John Williamson
Manager of the Hereford United Supporters Team Pete Beadle spoke to BBC Hereford and Worcester after last night's friendly at Ledbury which was watched by 654 supporters.

"What they've done tonight is the start of something that could become quite big.

"And it makes a statement.

"They've done it in the right manner.

"They've played in the right fashion with respect, it was really good.

"And the supporters have come out and made it what it was."

Preedy Pleased With Support At Ledbury

Former Hereford United director Dave Preedy was at Ledbury last night to watch the Supporters Team in action. But it wasn't the football that really mattered he told BN.

"My first impression it wasn't the football tonight but the football family of Hereford United coming together," said Preedy.

"The football was secondary in a way.

"This is Hereford United.

"We may not come to the games at Edgar Street for the time being but we're still here to fight for this club.

"We won't let it go."

Monday, July 21, 2014

Selection Of Pictures From Fans Team Game At Ledbury

A selection of pictures from the HUFC Fans Team Game at Ledbury Town this evening.

There's a much more comprehensive selection of pictures on

Fans Flock To See Fans Team

HUFC Fans Team Squad
654 fans were counted through the turnstiles at Ledbury Town tonight as the HUST Fans Team lost 6-2 to their hosts in the opening game of the 'alternative fixture list'.

The scoreline was immaterial as the game gave the hundreds of true Bulls fans the chance to mingle and be United for the first time this pre-season.

The catering sold out by half time, and the bar did a roaring trade. HUST's membership table reported a total membership figure of 839 including several sign-ups on the night.

Full report later.

Trialist XI Play Besiktas In Friendly

Just an hour before kick off, Hereford United announced that they would play Besiktas in a friendly.

With the Turkish giants in the country for games at Macclesfield's Moss Rose ground, their XI took on the trialist XI at Fleet Lane, home of the West Riding FA in front of only a handful of coaches and apparently no fans.

The club promoted links to illegal streaming sites to watch the game, which was being broadcast by Besiktas' own in-house TV channel, but wrongly gave the kick off time as 6pm when the game kicked off at 5pm.

With half an hour gone, the trialist side was 3-0 down. Both Jon Taylor and Neil Phelps were visible on the touchline, but no teamsheet for the trialist side was given.

A picture tweeted by the West Riding FA showing players in non-matching kit
The one sided game ended in a 6-0 win for the Turkish side.

Bulls Due Back In Court In 7 Days

Hereford United are due back in the High Court in just seven days for the third round of the Martin Foyle winding up petition.

It is three weeks since the club faced it's former manager for the first time, initially getting a seven day adjournment before the current three week halt to proceedings.

The proceedings have seen Andy Porter and HMRC add their bills to the total demand, while the sum demanded by the programme printers that was originally added has been withdrawn - with the owner of the printers understood to be an acquaintance of Tommy Agombar.

The High Court are understood to have been told that the process to offer a CVA deal to creditors was to begin. That CVA proposal would, realistically, have to be sent out to creditors before next Monday to avoid the wrath of the Court.

Southern League rules call for any CVA agreement sought by Hereford United to be for 100% of the debt.

Whilst individual creditors can write off their debts outside of the agreement, and with football creditors supposedly being dealt with before Friday's Southern League deadline, those non-football creditors that expect payment can expect 100% of their money within three years or the club will face further sanctions.

The club will almost certainly incur a ten point deduction for entering a CVA deal, although the penalty is subject to any appeal, while a CVA of less than 100% of debt would also potentially see further sanction implemented. 

League rules bar clubs from promotion without settling creditors 'in full' or within the remit of an agreed CVA, while there are also references to further demotion for failing to agree a CVA within the rules - although that demotion would likely not take place until the next AGM.

Any vote on the CVA proposal would be at least two weeks after the documents are sent out to creditors, meaning that the High Court hearing is only likely to be adjourned until after the CVA vote - if the club can get the relevant paperwork out to creditors in good time.

Beadle And His Red Cap

Pete Beadle At Aldershot
Pete Beadle returns to managing Hereford United this evening at Ledbury. Not the first team or the youth team, but a supporters team made up of former players and supporters.

As ever it's expected he will be wearing his red cap whilst directing operations.

Earlier this morning Beadle was asked about that famous red cap.

"After we get on in years some of us lack a bit of something and mine is hair," Beadle told BBC Hereford and Worcester.

"When I coach I wear a cap especially in the summer.

"I don't want to sunburn that head because that's where all my ideas and plans come from so I don't want to damage that anyway.

"And it just seems the last year whenever I was in the limelight I was wearing a red one.

"And tonight people will have to wait and see!"

Asked about matters Hereford United Beadle hopes the club can go back to Edgar Street.

"And have a team full of players proud to wear the shirt and supporters who will get right behind them, as they did for us when we were there.

"There are clubs going down this route (supporters trust involvement) because they feel unjust towards people who are running their football club.

"Hereford have got fantastic fans, a great backing and a great history so that may be the way it goes.

"Who knows, everyday is different and everyone is waiting for news.

"Tonight is an important night that as many people get there as possible and show that solidality that they showed for us at the end of last season.

"If that's the way it's going to go then there is no better way to start it with a fantastic crowd and a supporters team that are going to be proud to put that shirt on tonight."

Hereford United's Transfer Embargo Remains In Place

In a press release this morning the Southern League has confirmed that the transfer embargo on Hereford United remains in place.

The League wishes to correct previous reports regarding Hereford United FC in that it was served on 30th June 2014 with a notice that it was placed on a Player Registration and Transfer Embargo in accordance with Appendix H of its League Rules. That Embargo remains in place as of this date.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Danny Williams Added To Fans Team

Former Bull Danny Williams has been added to the Fans Team for tomorrow's game at Ledbury Town.

Now 33, the midfielder last played for the Bulls two years ago and was in the starting XI at Villa Park when the Bulls faced Aston Villa in the League Cup.

With Williams' inclusion comes a withdrawal. Gareth Davies is unfortunately unavailable and will not be playing. He intends to appear at some of the other fixtures.

Clarification Of Aims From Supporters Team

The following has been released by the Hereford United Supporters Team this evening.
We’ve read a few comments recently that are suggesting that the Supporters Team is the start of a phoenix Hereford United.
This is not true.
The Supporters Team has been running for a number of years, with games against the likes of Farnborough, Stevenage, Morecambe, Barnet and Shrewsbury Town amongst others, played from the early to mid 2000s onwards, right up until as recently as last season.
This team is the continuation of that, and contains many of the original supporters within the squad.
In December last year the Supporters Team was taken under the wing of the Hereford United Supporters Trust, and played a double-header against Kidderminster during the Christmas fixtures last season.
Standing under the Hereford United Supporters Trust umbrella, the Supporters Team backs the current boycott towards the club, and with the current feeling amongst a wide cross section of Hereford fans it was felt that the Supporters Team could try and come up with an ‘alternative fixture list’ so that Hereford fans could continue to support a team that they felt a connection to.
Supporters Team secretary Chris Oleksy has done a lot of work in managing to sign up former players and management who have shown their support to the fans during this difficult time. We have also been lucky to receive the time and support of former staff who have been forced to depart Edgar Street recently through no fault of their own.
That support, and the support shown from other clubs not only locally, but also from further afield is much appreciated.
We look forward to celebrating the fantastic support that Hereford United boasts, starting with the game against Ledbury Town tomorrow.
Please wear your Hereford shirts with pride.

Hereford United 100/1 Relegation Candidates With Bookies

The first bookmakers to put up odds for the coming Southern League campaign believe Hereford United will be relegated.

Bet365 and Betway quote the trialist side at 100/1 outsiders in the competition with only Banbury, who escaped relegation last season by two places, matching those odds with Bet365.

The opening day visitors to Edgar Street, St Neots Town, are 7/2 favourites with Weymouth 11/2 and Cambridge City 9/1.

Ledbury Match Details Released

The Hereford United Supporters Team have released details for those supporters wishing to attend tomorrow's game at Ledbury Town.

Gates and bar will open at 5:15pm, with Ledbury providing two overflow car parks to house the expected large numbers of fans making the short trip. Car parking will cost £2 per car.

A reminder that admission prices are £3 adults, £2 OAPs, £1 U16s.

Full details can be found on the Supporters Team website.

Met Office Predicts Dry For Ledbury Monday

Monday's HUST Fans Team game should take place in warm temperatures and dry weather according to the Met Office.

They predict some rain on Sunday evening, then for Ledbury to be dry until long after the fans game at Ledbury Town. Temperatures are expected to be 23°C at kick off, dropping to 18°C at 10pm.

Southern League Expecting Proof Of Payments By End Of Week

Today's Non-League Paper reports that the Southern League are expecting proof that football creditors have been paid by Hereford United by the end of the week.

Confirming reports that the club sent photocopied cheques to the league as proof previously, the paper reports that they now want to see proof of CHAPS or BACS transfers. 

The paper also reports that league Chairman Ken Turner, Vice Chairman John Eastment, and secretary Jason Mills took the decision to allow the Bulls into the division without consulting the full board.

Turner declined to comment to the paper on the situation, saying that it would be 'counter-productive' and that they were 'still working tirelessly on the situation'.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ex-Bull Watch

Former youth team keeper Kyle Moore is on trial at Weymouth. He played the bulk of the second half as they drew 2-2 with Plymouth, who had James Bittner in goal for the first half. Ex-Bulls striker Tim Sills also featured for the Terras, while former Bulls target Chris McPhee was also on trial.

Michael Townsend will miss the start of the season after picking up a hamstring injury in Tamworth's game with Rugby today. Ryan Bowman scored for Torquay as they beat Walsall 2-1 in their friendly today. Rob Purdie was trialling for Worcester in their game with Stratford Town today.