Friday, November 21, 2014

It's All About Development Potential Not Football

Guest Columnist Movabull feels that the debate about the new owners of Hereford United has changed.

It's now clear that it's no longer about football, it's about the development potential of Edgar Street

There clearly was a time when local people tried to build something the Community could share. Even David Keyte fell into this category, local people who cared about Football.

That all went out the window when Keyte,( who should remain public enemy number 1 for getting us in this mess and then selling to this bunch of interlopers) sold up.

This bunch of shady, Walter Mitty types who seem to have difficulty distinguishing the truth and the opposite are only about money. The Football club is being run on the minimum spend possible. Their interest is only in the leases with their development potential as evidenced by their instant reaction when the Council (who to my mind have played a blinder) took action that might have forfeited the leases. Suddenly £50000 appeared. Not bad for a club with no visible income this season.

Clearly this lot have money, they just don’t like parting with it. Their policy is delay, delay, dissemble, fudge, muddle, mislead, and pay a little off to get people to go away, Martin Foyle, Andy Porter and The Council being  examples.

So to my mind the plan we, the Community, should adopt, is not one of sitting, waiting and watching. We should be encouraging all creditors to join the winding up petition, we should be encouraging the Council to do whatever they can to forfeit the leases, and encouraging other shareholders who feel there may have been a breach of Company Law, or the Articles of Association of HUFC(1939) Ltd to take legal action to have some of the past decisions set aside. Otherwise this lot may get away with rape of our club while we sit and wait and watch.

The other person who’s played a blinder here is Jesse Norman who has shown what a spineless lot the FA and The Southern League are.  I get the impression he could help a lot more if called upon to do so.

I think the Trust need to be more pro active, otherwise how long is this nightmare going to go on for? I’ve had to spend my Saturday afternoon mowing!

Beanies In Demand / More Mugs On Order

This from HUST:

More than half the HUST beanie hats have already been sold in just over a week, with orders still being taken in the online shop.
Nearly a quarter of the stock went on Wednesday night at Hinton with plenty more shipped out earlier in the week. They are still available, in Black and White in limited quantities, in the online shop at £8 each with £2 postage to the UK.

Meanwhile a new order for the extremely popular mugs has been placed, double the previous order that sold out in a week. We will let everyone know as soon as these are back in stock.

The Pot And The Kettle

Andy Munsley asks a simple question:
Having read the Hereford Times and the various blogs on their coverage in the last 24 hours there seems to be a fundamental flaw in the arguments of Andy Lonsdale.
He has been quite categoric about his dismissal of the Jon Hale group and the Supporters Trust - 'they won't pay anyone' he has repeated time and time again.
So, Mr Lonsdale, how are you going to address the £7million of debt that you have left behind in a string of companies?
Your claim that 'the past is the past' is extremely two-faced when you claim others will not pay debt under the current scenario. You are a serial avoider of debt, the pot, pointing a finger at the kettle.
Or even a full set of well used pots pointing at a single kettle, given the quantity of companies that have dissolved under your watch.
Maybe you, Mr Lonsdale, should get your own affairs to shine white in public before you accuse others of moral offences that you are well versed in.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Introducing Alan McCarthy

Once again SaveEdgarStreet has been doing some excellent research into those said to be involved with Hereford United.

This evening they've posted a few details about Alan McCarthy, who is understood to be the current 'owner' of the club.


Creditors Need To Reattach To Winding Up Petition

With Hereford United's next appearance in the High Court just ten days away, creditors of the club need to 'reattach' to the current winding up petition if they haven't already done so.

There was a view that once a creditor had attached to the winding up petition then that list was carried on from whoever was top of the list. That is incorrect according to HMRC.

Initially Martin Foyle was top but when he, reportedly at the time, was paid up, the petition then transferred to HMRC.

For anyone who hasn't yet attached to the current winding up order, a letter should to be sent to

HM Revenue and Customs Solicitors Office,
3rd Floor North
South West Wing
Bush House

The letter will need to detail the claim.

The case number is: SLR 163 85 95/U

Any attachment needs to be confirmed by next Friday (November 28th)

Further details can be obtained from the case worker on 03000 589 694 

Kidderminster Sell Key Pair

Kidderminster Harriers have allowed key pair Chey Dunkley and Nathan Blissett to join Oxford and Bristol Rovers respectively.

Defender Dunkley and striker Blissett move on loan deals ahead of permanent moves in January as the Harriers continue to cut their costs.

Meanwhile, Salisbury City could yet survive after a bid was placed with the club's Administrator. The consortium that was due to help restart the club have split up with three of them joining former Weymouth pair Steve Claridge and Ian Ridley in bidding to purchase the dormant side.

The quartet have put an offer to the Administator, with the existing club £640,000 in debt, and hope to play at the Raymond McEnhill Stadium next season.

Liquidator Wants Payment From Lonsdale

Today's Hereford Times reports that Andy Lonsdale is being chased for £1,500+VAT owed to a liquidator.

Philip Gautier, working on the liquidation of Transdem Services Ltd, sold furniture from that firm to Lonsdale Construction Services Ltd for the sum in June 2013 but the paper reports it has never been paid, and quotes Gautier:

“As a result of lack of payment and co-operation generally from Mr Lonsdale, I have had to instruct my agents Marcus Matthews and Associates to threaten the removal of the goods and subsequent legal action to obtain further payments,”

Lonsdale claims to the paper that the current regime at Edgar Street have put £600,000 into the club - £100,000 more than he claimed a month previously to Andrew Easton in the aftermath of the Council's attempts to retake Edgar Street - and £400,000 more than he claimed in a statement posted to the club's official site on November 7th (link).

Meanwhile the paper also goes into details of Lonsdale's past financial history much of which first appeared on the

A few weeks ago this blog scratched the surface of Lonsdale’s former business dealings. We also revealed his tactic of opening up other firms in the name of his wife, daughter, son-in-law and half brothers. We’re hoping that details of the son-in-law and half brothers firms will be available shortly.
The details reveal that companies in Andy’s name have gone to the wall owing £7,103,528. It is also likely that this figure is much higher as there are a number of firms where the figures are unavailable. There are also four mortgages owed on ‘Ascot Bloodstock Properties and Investments’. Sharp eyed fans have already spotted ‘Lonsdale Consultancy Ltd’ set up in July 2014. It will be interesting to see how many invoices this company has already sent the Bulls. We would imagine that this was the vehicle used to pass on payments to Foyle and Porter after Lonsdale announced that he had provided them with a part payment in order to secure their removal from the winding up petition. Consequently Lonsdale will now be a club creditor.
Here are the full details:

Lonsdale’s wife and daughter get in on act too.
His wife, Gwendoline, has seen two companies fold owing £2,015,372. Figures from two further companies are also unavailable. One concludes that these companies would have been dissolved with debts.
His daughter, Alice, has been a director at three companies which have been dissolved. No figures are available for these businesses but again one can presume that these folded with debts too.
Here are the full details for Gwendoline and Alice:

These figures confirm that Lonsdale is a conman of the highest order. Andy and his family have been conning people over the years and lining their pockets at the expense of others. To the tune of millions! Remember these are the figures that have gone through the books too so, in our opinion, these figures are likely to be higher.
These figures also reveal that Andy is very experienced in the art of operating insolvent companies, how to maintain them and keep the courts at bay whilst simultaneously bleeding them dry and ripping people off. Essentially he is the perfect Chairman for a regime who only wish to invest the bare minimum in order to survive. With all this failure behind him he must know all the tricks in the book to continue trading. His skills at fobbing people off are clearly well practised and his ability to rewrite history is evident in his public statements. This blog would not trust Andy to tell them the time. We suggest you don’t either. If we trust him we will lose the battle to #SaveEdgarStreet.
If you are reading this as a creditor of the club we suggest you attach yourself to the winding up petition. If you don’t play hardball now then you will never get your money back.

Vics Fans Don't Look Back

With some boycotting fans calling for a new club to be formed straight away, fans of few clubs have done the same while their first love still exists. 

Northwich Victoria fans created 1874 Northwich with their old club suffering serious financial issues and set to play in Stafford after losing control of the Victoria Stadium.

The following appears in the Northwich Guardian:

1874 NORTHWICH supporter Vicki England, football secretary at the North West Counties League club, has written an open letter following their second birthday celebrations at the weekend.

It reads:

“I REMEMBER talking to two FC United fans outside Gigg Lane before Northwich Victoria, the club I used to follow, played a match there April 2012.

“They asked about what was going on and I explained that with no ground, the prospect of playing home games outside of mid Cheshire and ‘noises’ from the chairman that he may not be able to continue to support the club financially, the future was extremely uncertain.

“They told me we needed to start our own fan-run club.

“I remember thinking that however bad things are, surely you can’t turn your back on your team?

“However I knew it wasn’t my club any longer when I found out shortly afterwards that it planned to appeal in Europe a decision to refuse permission for it to play home games at Flixton.

 “I couldn’t stand any more the negativity and heartbreak.

“I stopped my support, but my affection for a club I grew up idolising would always be there. My tattoo would read: ‘Vics 1874–2012.’

“Fast forward to September 2012, and momentum was gathering for fans to start again.

“I must admit I wasn’t 100 per cent sure about the timing [of setting up a new club].

“But I soon realised that we could miss a trick if we weren’t ready to play by August, so I took the plunge and backed the idea.

“I’ll go public now; I was one of the 20 signatories to the motion calling for a vote. There, I’ve said it!

“Here was me, named after our beloved old club, turning my back on it.

“I then put my hat in the ring to help out.

“So on to 1874’s second birthday at the weekend...

“After an incredible amount of hard work by many people, I sit here as proud as punch at what we have achieved together.

“No one person is more important than anybody else.

“Our management team and the players are behind the concept; they love our club because it is theirs.

“The Green Army continues to amaze me, regularly turning up in wonderful numbers to some of the most hospitable places in the football world.

“Move over the big grounds I have visited. Give me Barnoldswick, Bacup, Colne or Eccleshall any day.

“Can a new club be created? Can you swap your allegiance from one to another? Absolutely YES!

“I couldn’t have decided to follow another existing club and make it my own.

“To those who thought it wasn’t right to start over; maybe you need to speak to the hundreds that did make the choice.

“Speak to those who have watched a game and are now hooked.

“Speak to the older supporters, who together had clocked up hundreds of years following Vics; they will tell you they love 1874.

“Visit the local companies that sponsor the club or advertise with us; they will tell you they have no issue attaching their good names to it.

“Speak to Britannia Carpets; they supported the old and they are happy to support the new, and boy are we proud to have their name on our shirts!

“Would I go back? Not in a million years.

“I’d love to meet those FC United supporters again that I spoke to that day in Bury.

“I’d tell them they were right.”

Vicki England

Football secretary
1874 Northwich FC

UITC Away To Bromyard In Giantkillers Cup

Rob Purdie's UITC u18 side have been drawn away at Bromyard Town in the next round of the Giantkillers Cup.

Details of date, time, and other details will be released in due course.

Meanwhile, £300.30 was raised from admission fees, a raffle, and donations last night.

Youth Team safely through in Giantkilers Cup

UITC ease past a hard working, resolute Malvern side 4-0 to progress in the cup and set up for a tough run of games

Last night was exactly the type of game I thought it would be and showed we have come a long way from our Youth Cup defeat at Bilston. All credit to Hinton for preparing and allowing us to play on their pitch, but the weekends rain had taken its toll on the pitch which made the game tricky for both teams. The game would come down to our mental side, it's easy going to Birmingham and wanting to play but a cold Wednesday night on a tough surface is a test of the mind.

We started the game brightly but were reduced to long range efforts which caused little danger to Malverns defence and the game took a while to settle as both teams looked to attack. It wasn't until the 29th minute that we got the break through, Joe Davies scoring his 4th of season as he headed past the keeper. This settled us down and we begin to control the game, pressing high to force mistakes. The crucial second goal came on 37 minutes as Will Lawley was quick to react in the box and fire home, a goal he deserved on the night.

The second half couldn't of started better for us as we scored within 50 seconds of the restart. Good play and great work from Lewis Fletcher in midfield ended in him sliding a ball through for Lawley who got his second and gave us the cushion we wanted at 3-0. It also gave me a chance to rest some players. Joe Davies and Chris May have been instrumental at the heart of our defence this season, conceding just 8 goals in 10 games, and I brought them off for their first rest of the season. I also started with 3 U16s in the team. James Aurelius in goal, Jay Richmond at left back and Lewis Clarke at right back. I hope to have all three with us next season if possible and all three did not look out of place in the team last night.

As the game was closing we scored our fourth. Robbie Trumper, who is a great technical player, firing home from 25yards to seal the victory. Malvern still worked hard and had their first shot on target in the final few minutes, Aurelius diverting it onto the post and the game came to a close.

I was happy after the game, every player played his part. Matty James controlling the midfield and Tom Jenkins wanting to create things all game. The subs did their bit too, James Obern as always being neat and tidy and most of them rested now for what becomes a huge 2 games for our season. We travel to St. George's next week to face top of the table Burton Albion. They have a record of 7 wins, 1 loss and are 5 points clear at the top. A victory from us would put us in a position to go top with our games in hand and with Carlos Moreira hopefully fit for selection, and Alex Lilwall available if his knock last night isn't too serious, I believe we can go there and win. Then it's a small case of Chelsea away in the cup!

Thanks last night again go to Hinton for their services and we progress to the next round of the cup which we need to win to stamp our mark in Hereford. Another thankyou to all the supporters that turned up last night, the players really appreciated it.

Team: James Aurelius, Lewis Clarke, Jay Richmond, Joe Davies, Chris May, Lewis Fletcher, Matty James, Tom Jenkins, Matty Owen, Alex Lilwall, Will Lawley
Sub: James Obern, Tom Gameson, Robbie Trumper, Liam Taylor, Simon Morgan

Club Prices UITC Out Of Edgar Street

It has emerged that UITC were unable to play last night's HFA Giantkillers Cup-Tie at Edgar Street but because they couldn't afford the cost.

Instead the tie was played at Hinton FC.

Sources told BN that Hereford United wanted well over £1000 to stage the game.

The cost was said to be so high because of the cost of employing stewards and a safety officer.

Property Developers Not Football Men At Edgar Street

The investigative blog, Save Edgar Street, has published the first of two articles which claim to prove that those currently running Hereford United are 'property developers not football men'.

The blog has trawled through hundreds of e-mails which have been obtained under 'freedom of information' requests.

Here are their conclusions:

On 12 February 2014 Herefordshire Council and Hereford United finally completed the negotiations and signed three new leases for Edgar Street. One for the Blackfriars End, one for the Meadow End and a third lease for the remaining area of the ground. The leases for the two ends included rights for development. The profits from this development were protected for the club to use.
Just eight days later on 20 February 2014, former club Chairman David Keyte sent an email to Geoff Hughes, Herefordshire Councils Director of Economy, Communities and Corporate. In his message Keyte requests a meeting to introduce a consortium interested in investing in the club. The email goes on to say the investors ‘wish to eventually get their money back from ground developments’and ‘They would propose to do the developments themselves’.
On 24 February 2014 the consortium met with Hughes at Brockington. As well as Keyte the attendees were Jed McCrory and Stephen Murrall.
Here’s Keyte’s email to Hughes:

The next email comes from 17 April 2014 from an unknown source, again requesting a meeting with Geoff Hughes. The senders name is blacked out; but as they were an attendee at the meeting which took place on 24 April 2014 we know it was one of: David Keyte, S.J. Merchant, D. Price and Mo Omar. We also know from the email that one of them is an architect. The subject of the meeting was to be: PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITIES AT EDGAR STREET STADIUM’. We know from previously released emails that these representatives are connected to Jed McCrory. We also know that this was the meeting where a 999 year lease was discussed.
Here’s the email in black and white:

These emails finally provide conclusive proof that our club was sold to investors only interested in the profits they could make for themselves from redeveloping the two ends at the ground. The very fact that the consortium ‘proposed to do the developments themselves’ screams of a group of people looking to maximise their returns with little interest in football.
The date of the first email also begs the question: how long had this consortium been waiting in the wings? The bulk of the remaining emails are mainly run of the mill content around the completion of the new lease agreements. The tone of the emails is one of co-operation and understanding. Two sets of solicitors and their clients clearly working to the same shared aim. Both sides appear to trust one another. But one thing is apparent: the club were very keen to complete.
To the Council the club put over the point of view that they were keen to complete because of a pending winding up petition. When this prospect first appeared in January 2014 the club became nervous. Naturally so. But this nervousness was exacerbated because the Council would not agree the new leases if the club had a winding up petition against its name. The Council made substantial efforts to release the remaining bond money put aside for refurbishing the Starlite Rooms to assist the club. Many fans dug deep and donated what they could. The club was in court on 27 January. The hearing was adjourned and the petition dismissed on 30 January. But knowing that another winding up petition was imminent the leases needed to be signed. This was finally done when a special courier brought the documents from Birmingham to be signed. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. The future of the club was now secure. Or was it?
Sadly, no. An additional reason why the club were nervous and keen to complete the negotiations was because David Keyte clearly saw the new leases as his way out of the club. This is demonstrated by the fact that as soon as the ink was dry on the documents he quickly introduces the Council to the dishonest characters that currently pollute our boardroom and shareholdings. It is becoming fairly obvious that the investors were waiting in the wings for sometime. Quietly siting in the background whilst the lease negotiations were complete. Being careful not to rock the boat at such a delicate time. Leaving everything to the local boy who had quietly built a relationship with the key council figures. No doubt former Hereford United Director Councillor Nick Nenadich was a helpful in smoothing the way forward too. If only the Council had been a bit more wary.
The emails also reveal that the club were prepared to do pretty much anything to get their hands on some money from the Council to stave off the winding up petition. Keyte tried to loan money off the Council in lieu of profits from future development. He even offered to sell the Meadow and Blackfriars Ends to the Council. Both these offers were turned down by the local authority. What would they do with the benefit of hindsight?
This blog does not believe that David Keyte will be the saviour of the club with his rumoured legal action over the ownership of the club. As has been well established Agombar agreed to pay Keyte £2,5000 a month as part payment for the debt which Keyte left in the club at the time of takeover. He’s clearly just protecting himself and eking out as much cash as possible from the crooks before the clubs seemingly inevitable demise.
Now the above emails have confirmed once and for all what we already knew. Share them as widey as possible. We must toughen our resolve and work harder than ever to clear out the mockney mafia before it is too late. We must make it as difficult as possible for them to succeed. If we fight hard enough and long enough we can beat them and SaveEdgarStreet.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Selection Of Pictures From Giantkillers Cup Tie

A selection of pictures, kindly taken for BN by Steve Niblett, from this evening's HFA Giantkillers Cup -Tie at Hinton FC where UITC defeated Malvern 4-0.

Lads Did The Job Said Purdie

Rob Purdie With Paul Stevens From HUST Who Sponsored The Game - BN Pic
Manager Rob Purdie spoke to BN after tonight's UITC game at Hinton FC where the youth side defeated Malvern 4-0.

"It was a difficult pitch which stopped both teams playing nice fluent football," said Purdie.

"I think Malvern like to get the ball down and play and they've got some useful players.

"That levelled the game a little bit as a spectacle.

"But, as I just said to our squad, it's the type of game where you've got to come and win it, whether it's 1-0 or a few goals.

"You have to come to these games and win because we are a team in Hereford, linked with Hereford United, playing in Hereford United kit and we've got to prove that what we are doing is top notch in Hereford and that means winning this Giantkillers Cup.

"And the lads have come here and done the job which I'm happy with.

The First Goal - Picture From Steve Niblett
"The goals were Joe Davies first, Will Lawley got the second and third - he's done well, he wasn't with us to start off with as he was with the development side but I put him in the performance team and he's done really well, then Robbie Trumper with a great goal to finish."

The Fourth Goal - Picture From Steve Niblett
Purdie was then asked about Tom Jenkins who had a good game this evening.

"He's a bit of a playmaker and when I spoke to them all about a month ago with their reports I said to him I want him to do more.

"He had a good Monday/Tuesday in training and I said I wanted him to be our playmaker and I thought he was today.

"It was one of the best games he's played."

Where next for the team?

"Burton away which is up at St George's. They are top of the League at the moment. That's on Wednesday.

"The following Wednesday we travel to Chelsea.

"So two massive games coming up and I think we're unbeaten in six, still unbeaten in the League so we will be going for it."

Malvern Beaten In Giantkillers Cup

Rob Purdie's UITC u18 side beat Malvern Town u18's 4-0 in tonight's HFA Giantkillers Cup match at Hinton FC.

Goals from Joe Davies, a double from Will Lawley, and Robbie Trumper saw them through with two goals in each half.

UITC At Hinton This Evening

UITC's Youth team are playing at Hinton FC this evening in a HFA Giantkillers Cup-Tie against Malvern Town, kick-off 7.30pm.

There will be a collection at the game for UITC's trip to the Childrens Ward at the hospital:


HUST On Sunshine

Sunshine Radio played an interview with HUST vice-chairman Martin Watson yesterday.

Below is a flavour of that interview.

Clare Harris started by asking Watson what was 'the supporters trust stance on things' at Hereford United.

"Ever since the club changed hands at the end of May there have been repeated promises to pay players wages, staff wages and debts to the Council and clear the outstanding winding up petition," said Watson.

"That hasn't happened yet.

"The supporters trust is on a boycott until the club meets those terms, pays those debts.

"There have been repeated promises but we are still yet to see everyone of them settled.

"The current management have made it clear time after time that they have got the money but very little of that has been seen.

"I was talking to some former staff last night who are still waiting for some payments and their P45's four months after they finished working for the club.

"This is basic stuff that the club should have done and they simply haven't.

"If the club fails then the future is very much down to the Council. The Council are the landowners of Edgar Street and it's down to them who they sign a new lease with.

"HUST have supported the Jon Hale business group in their plans for a future club and they've had some very positive discussions along with our chairman Chris Williams with the Council.

"The Council have made it very clear they want football to continue at Edgar Street."

Watson was asked about supporters who continue to go to games.

"A lot of the people who still go to games, they admit they are not interested in the politics or the business side of it, they just want to go and watch football.

"That's fine, that's their decision. There's no abuse coming from me nor from HUST's board about that.

"There are a few individuals at the extremes on both sides but at the end of the day we are one fan base, we are Hereford United supporters whether you go to games or not.

"At the end of the day once this is all resolved one way or the other we all need to stick together.

"We are the future of this club. Owners come and go. Fans will still be there."

A question about the bills not being paid, was the boycott affecting the club's income?

"Andy Lonsdale stated quite clearly last Friday that the club has the investment in place to cover the bills and that they didn't need it."

Another question why did the Trust refuse to meet the Chairman?

"The offer of a meeting was under the case of a confidentiality agreement something we couldn't do.

"In order for our members to make a decision to end the boycott they would have to know what that meeting was about.

"If they had lifted the confidentiality clause we could have talked and then everybody would have known what the situation was.

"Until that happens it's going to be very difficult for us to talk."

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fozzy Bears A Quick And Lethal Combination

Next weekend Hereford United visit Frome Town, now managed by former Bull Adrian Foster.

The former forward joined the Somerset outfit from Western League side Gillingham Town last December, taking the Robins to a mid table finish last season.

They are currently in the bottom four this term, having played only five of their 17 games so far at home but have recently signed strikers Lewis Haldane and Omar Simpson.

Haldane, who quit the pro game with Port Vale after a string of unfortunate injuries, was a man in demand after netting 31 times for Yate Town in the tier below last season, but signed for Frome on location after speaking to Foster: 

“For me, it was important that I didn’t go somewhere where I’d have to drive one-and-a-half hours to training three times a week because I want to be able to see my family and things like that. Frome is only five minutes up the road from Trowbridge.

“I spoke to Fozzy and he’s been there and done it as a professional footballer so he knows what he’s talking about."

Simpson joined from Chippenham after flitting between professional football with Yeovil and a track career that saw him clock sub 11 second times for the 100 metres as well as competing for the Great Britain team at 200 and 400 metres.

HUST Awaiting More Mugs

This from HUST:

After the first batch of HUST branded mugs sold out in a week, more have been ordered and will hopefully arrive with us soon.

They will be available online and through the Expressions gift shop in Broad Street as soon as they arrive, and we will inform you when that happens.

Meanwhile, the first batch of beanie hats ordered online have been dispatched today. Should anyone want to collect any merchandise at tomorrow’s UITC match with Malvern Town, please email to reserve your items.

Prize Bull Draw 26

This from HUST:

Prize Bull draw No.25 took place on Monday night. The winning numbers are 4, 10, 13, and 24. Should you have the winning combination, please contact to claim the jackpot.

Alpha Choice Move To Gambrill's Office

Alpha Choice Finance have changed their registered address to that of club accountant, and former Director, Peter Gambrill.

The Herne Bay address was previously used by another company that Alpha Choice Finance sole Director Alan McCarthy ran, and was also one of the addresses used by Insolvency Practitioner Marc Landsman. Landsman told creditors when he announced Alpha Choice Finance as the new owners that they were totally unconnected to Tommy Agombar.

Gambrill was a Director of Hereford United for two months before departing at the end of August following his failure of the Owners and Directors Test due to an outstanding Individual Voluntary Arrangement, however he continues to act as the club accountant.

Keeper Williams Attracts The Scouts

Luke Williams
Last Saturday at least two scouts watched Hereford United's FA Trophy game.

One of these was from Aston Villa and it appears that he was quite impressed with goalkeeper Luke Williams according to 'Sport in a Storm'.

The site suggests he might be invited to Villa Park for a trial.

However, perhaps more significent is their view that as 'Hereford's squad are all on non-contract terms, any club would only need to put them on seven days notice for a free transfer'.

If correct, that statement appears to be at odds with the view of Hereford 'owner' Tommy Agombar who said he was hopeful of selling players on.

Aston Villa and Bristol City are on the trail of Hereford United's in-form teenage goalkeeper Luke Williams.
Both clubs posted scouts to Edgar Street to check on Williams during the Bulls' FA Trophy clash with Mangotsfield United on Saturday.
Williams, who turns 19 on Tuesday, has been in fine form for the former Conference club who were expelled from the fifth tier of English football for failing to pay creditors in the summer.
The former Aldershot keeper, who comes from Maidstone, has earned rave reviews for his recent displays against Paulton Rovers, Banbury United and Poole Town in the Southern Premier Division and could be invited for a trial at Villa Park.
Villa's Kent-based scout recently recommended 17-year-old Maidstone United defender Ben Swift for a trial which resulted in him signing a six-month scholarship.
All of Hereford's current squad are on non-contract terms and any club would only need to put them on seven days notice for a free transfer
- See more at:
Aston Villa and Bristol City are on the trail of Hereford United's in-form teenage goalkeeper Luke Williams.
Both clubs posted scouts to Edgar Street to check on Williams during the Bulls' FA Trophy clash with Mangotsfield United on Saturday.
Williams, who turns 19 on Tuesday, has been in fine form for the former Conference club who were expelled from the fifth tier of English football for failing to pay creditors in the summer.
The former Aldershot keeper, who comes from Maidstone, has earned rave reviews for his recent displays against Paulton Rovers, Banbury United and Poole Town in the Southern Premier Division and could be invited for a trial at Villa Park.
Villa's Kent-based scout recently recommended 17-year-old Maidstone United defender Ben Swift for a trial which resulted in him signing a six-month scholarship.
All of Hereford's current squad are on non-contract terms and any club would only need to put them on seven days notice for a free transfer.
- See more at:
Aston Villa and Bristol City are on the trail of Hereford United's in-form teenage goalkeeper Luke Williams.
Both clubs posted scouts to Edgar Street to check on Williams during the Bulls' FA Trophy clash with Mangotsfield United on Saturday.
Williams, who turns 19 on Tuesday, has been in fine form for the former Conference club who were expelled from the fifth tier of English football for failing to pay creditors in the summer.
The former Aldershot keeper, who comes from Maidstone, has earned rave reviews for his recent displays against Paulton Rovers, Banbury United and Poole Town in the Southern Premier Division and could be invited for a trial at Villa Park.
Villa's Kent-based scout recently recommended 17-year-old Maidstone United defender Ben Swift for a trial which resulted in him signing a six-month scholarship.
All of Hereford's current squad are on non-contract terms and any club would only need to put them on seven days notice for a free transfer.
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Aston Villa and Bristol City are on the trail of Hereford United's in-form teenage goalkeeper Luke Williams.
Both clubs posted scouts to Edgar Street to check on Williams during the Bulls' FA Trophy clash with Mangotsfield United on Saturday.
Williams, who turns 19 on Tuesday, has been in fine form for the former Conference club who were expelled from the fifth tier of English football for failing to pay creditors in the summer.
The former Aldershot keeper, who comes from Maidstone, has earned rave reviews for his recent displays against Paulton Rovers, Banbury United and Poole Town in the Southern Premier Division and could be invited for a trial at Villa Park.
Villa's Kent-based scout recently recommended 17-year-old Maidstone United defender Ben Swift for a trial which resulted in him signing a six-month scholarship.
All of Hereford's current squad are on non-contract terms and any club would only need to put them on seven days notice for a free transfer
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From The Archives - Sutton Lose At Edgar Street

With the news that Sutton United will be Hereford United's opponents in the next round of the FA Trophy, BN looks back to the last game between the two clubs which took place on May 6th 2000 at Edgar Street.

Already relegated Sutton United visited Edgar Street in the hope to salvage one last good memory of Conference football bofore their return to the Ryman League. However, any hopes of victory were snatched away from them by Hereford United, and the headlines grabbed by Steve Piearce. The player started his first match since September, and his season has been wrecked with injury. This was a great finale to a promising season, and next season will promise much more for both Piearce and Hereford United as a whole.

Paul Sturgess and Paul Parry didn't feature in the squad, and Paul Fewings was also absent. Chris Lane returned at right-back, Matt Clarke playing centre-back with Ian Rodgerson moving to right midfield. Gavin Williams moved to left midfield as Steve Piearce partnered former Halesowen Town team-mate Robin Elmes upfront.

Hereford were by far the better side throughout, and in the first half they attempted to stamp their authority on the game. Hereford started brightly and in just the sixth minute an an Rodgerson cross was headed by Piearce onto the crossbar. Sutton were not about to waste their final Conference game for a while, as midfielder Ed Hutchinson missed by miles when one-on-one with Scott Cooksey, who didn't have much work to do for most of the afternoon.

It took thirty minutes for Piearce to open the scoring as he got onto the end of a Taylor pass, ran all of thirty-five yards and then slotted it past unlucky Sutton United goalkeeper Gareth Howells from an acute angle. The Sutton players appealed for offside but this was waived away by the referee, Mr M North from Poole.

Eighteen minutes into the second half, Sutton United equalised through Keith Rowlands, the former Farnborough player who came on at half-time, as he slipped the ball past Cooksey.

The second goal eventually came on seventy-two minutes through John Snape. The part-time midfielder sent a superb blasting drive from twenty yards past Howells, who dived but couldn't get a touch.

Hereford's third and Piearce's second of the afternoon came with just thirteen minutes left as his shot went into the far corner. Howells saved the first Piearce shot but only pushed it back to him, and the striker capitalised. Taylor rounded up a superb day with a close range effort in injury time, beating Howell's yet again! The two assistant referee's, Ms J Frampton and Ms A Raynor, didn't seem up with the play at times but the refereeing by Mr North was quite good.

This was a good result for the Bulls, even though it had no impact on either sides season. Mid-table mediocrity for Hereford, but I have a feeling that next season big things could happen. Graham Turner holds the key to several player's futures at Hereford United, but Fewings must be retained. I think Turner also regrets signing Leroy May on a two-year contract, so his future could be in doubt.

Ian Wright and Robin Elmes battle for the ball after a first half free kick.

Attendance = 1,432

Man of the match - Steve Piearce

Hereford - Cooksey, Lane, James, Clarke, Wright, Taylor, Rodgerson, Snape, Elmes, Piearce, Williams

Sub(s) who came on - none

Monday, November 17, 2014

Phelps Confirmed As Club Secretary

The Southern League has confirmed that Neil Phelps has taken over as club secretary at Edgar Street.

HEREFORD – Football Secretary. Please note that the Club has a new Football Secretary. Neil Phelps can be contacted at the Club address. His telephone number is 07854 493576 and his email address is

Fans welcome to come and watch youth side

UITC begin Giantkillers cup competition at home and hope to get as many people out watching as possible.

This coming Wednesday we face a Malvern side that we beat 6-0 in the first round of the FA Youth Cup but I expect a much tougher game this time around. Malvern were a hard working and well organised side and with a score to settle they will be all out to avenge their early season defeat.

The kick off is at 7:30 at Hinton FCs home venue in Hereford. Admission is just £2 for adults and under 14s get in for free. As a group at the UITC we are visiting the Hereford hospital this year to hand out Christmas presents to all the children that may not be home for the festive period, therefore there will also be a raffle held and buckets to place any donations, all of which will go towards the presents for the children's ward so any spare change will be a massive help.

We hope HUFC, and local football fans, will come and see a young side of local players trying to make names for themselves and be treated to a good game of football. Also we thank HUST who have kindly sponsored the game.

I hope to see as many of you as possible on Wednesday. 

Thankyou, Rob Purdie

Facey Pleads Not Guilty On Match Fixing Charges

Former Bulls striker Delroy Facey has entered a not guilty plea in Court on a charge of conspiracy to commit bribery.

The former Bolton and Hull man, who is alleged to have offered money to other footballers last November, plead not guilty at a hearing at Birmingham Crown Court.

The case will now go to trial in April next year after having originally been charged in September.

Bulls Home To Sutton In Trophy

Hereford United have been drawn at home to Sutton United in the third qualifying round of the FA Trophy.

The tie will take place on November 29th.

The home game against against Weymouth which would have been played on that date will be moved, probably to a Tuesday evening.

Sutton play in Conf South, and have former Bulls midfielder Glen Southam in their ranks.

Agombar Faces Keyte Legal Action Over Club Sale

Former Hereford United majority owner David Keyte is understood to be taking legal action over the sale of his stake and equity in the club to Tommy Agombar.

Bulls News has been told that experienced sports lawyers working on behalf of Keyte lodged objections to the proposed dissolutions of both Scrooby Ltd and Alpha Choice Finance who, like the club itself, have both failed to file annual returns. Documents filed at Companies House, and accessible to the public, do not name the objector but several local sources have confirmed that Keyte is behind the moves.

Keyte was claimed to have been represented at the October 20th Court hearing over the winding-up petition, with a barrister reported to be representing 'former shareholders' over the way the shares were transferred, however he refused to answer questions on the matter when approached by various people.

It is currently unclear what the reasoning behind the legal action is. Back in August, Insolvency Practitioner Marc Landsman told Bulls News that a £2,500 payment to Keyte was part of a monthly repayment of debt in the club assigned to Agombar and Scrooby Ltd:

'I was originally told that this was for him acting as chairman. I have since been told that it was the first payment for the debt assigned by him to Scrooby Ltd. It was supposed to be paid whilst he was chairman, hence the confusion.'

A first £2,500 payment was made, and was initially recorded on the list of creditors during the CVA process, but Landsman subsequently removed it from the list when he was told it was a repayment. 

At the time of the CVA the shares in Hereford United were still registered to Scrooby Ltd, with the company having been sold to Alpha Choice Finance. However, at the time of writing, Tommy Agombar remains the sole Director of Scrooby Ltd.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mixed Messages From Edgar Street

One of the difficulties in reporting matters around Edgar Street at present is that there is often no way of checking what is true and what is no more than rumour.

For example, a couple of days ago there was speculation that the gas was about to be cut off.

Then, just like when Dwr Cwmru threatened to turn off the water a month or so ago, the bill was paid apparantly by a member of staff.

Yesterday there was speculation that both players and staff had received some of the money they are owed. This was significent as one player, Dan O'Reilly, was reported to have left the club because he was fed up with not being paid.

It appears this speculation was correct as this morning one source has told BN that he had received some money.

With the next High Court appearance just two weeks away, it's thought that those controlling the club might not want to see the list of creditors on the winding up petition get any longer.

So reports that a few of the most urgent bills have been paid could help their cause.

On top of that there is also speculation that HMRC's outstanding bill will be settled at the end of the month.

Where the money to do this is coming from isn't immediately known. However it might be either from another 'loan' or an 'investment' as it can not be coming from day to day trading.  And the chances are that if it's another loan or an investment it will find it's way onto the Hereford United creditors list at some stage in the future.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pictures From Trophy Win

A selection of pictures from this afternoon's FA Trophy Tie at Edgar Street which finished Hereford 2 Mangotsfield 0.

Obi Onyeike's Free Kick Goes Straight To The Keeper
Bilai Yafal Held By Gary Colborne
Josh Hawker Up For A Header - In The Background The Unique Len Weston Stand
Steve Vetier (Right) and Sam Bobes-Gilroy Make Sure Possession Is Kept
Bilal Yafai Outpaces His Marker