Friday, August 22, 2014

No Bets Offered On Saturday's Game

Yet again, not one bookmaker is offering odds on Hereford United's game at Arlesey tomorrow.

With Bet365 still refusing to quote on the club for the Southern League title, despite offering odds on all other sides, not one bookie is offering terms on the trip to Bedfordshire.

The club visit the Armadillo Stadium, which has hosted two games this season with attendances of 125 and 190, to face a side managed by former Premier League defender Rufus Brevett.

Brevett, now 44, has seen his side lose three successive games since a surprise opening day win over Dorchester. Arlesey are currently 100/1 to win the Southern League title after losses to Cambridge City, Chippenham, and Corby.

Parliamentary Debate On The Future Of Non-League Football

Supporters Direct have advised that Jesse Norman, MP for Hereford and South Herefordshire, has secured a debate on the floor of the House of Commons on the 4th September focusing entirely on the Future of Non-League Football.
Jesse has himself seen what happens when football clubs aren’t owned and run properly, and when leagues and governing bodies can’t or won’t intervene, having witnessed the slow and painful decline of his local club, Hereford United.
Jesse is hoping the debate will cover:
  • The Football Association and the Owners and Directors Test – how inadequate it is particularly at non-league level, where the policing of clubs is so difficult.
  • The role of Co-ops and Supporters’ Trusts
  • The role of HMRC
  • The Football Creditors’ Rule
  • Financial viability of football clubs, particularly those that have recently been relegated
  • Transparency of club ownership
  • The work of the Culture, Media and Sport select committee on football governance – and the Government’s response
The debate is important because it focuses on an area – non-league football – where Supporters Direct has made significant strides since it was formed in 2000, but which often suffers through lack of attention in the mainstream media.

Club Posts Questions And Answers

Hereford United have posted the following this afternoon:

The Club has compiled some questions and answers based on what the fans have requested either via social media or calling in.

1. How many season tickets have we sold to date?
We have sold a number, and although the quantity is not as in previous years we are, nonetheless, happy with the progress at this stage. 

2. Will there be the ability to buy Hereford United kit?
Yes we are working on developing a shop, it will be an online shop initially. 

3. Why has the old online shop gone?
The previous shop was a separate entity operated by associates of the previous owners. 

4. Why is it so hard for you to communicate?
There are a couple of reasons here and the club understands the fans frustration; we are currently running the club with fewer staff members than previous years, hence the marketing and public relations team is much smaller. 
More and more people are coming forward to help with various elements of the clubs' activities and are helping the team reorganise, even if match days are more intense than anything the team has previously experienced. 
Another reason is, although the club would like to tell the fans everything as it happens in some situations the club simply cannot until all parties are happy to do so. 

5. What is happening regarding Hereford United media?
Again we have had to adapt to make sure various elements were in place to cover design, writing, website, social media, photography etc. There was one person covering the media, but we now have a few more people involved so this should improve. 
Digital media like Bulls Player and the website are provided by external media agencies, one of which is the Football League, they are working closely with us to maximise distribution. 

6. Why is there no kit sponsor?
As indicated previously selling club sponsorship would not have been fair, before last Thursday we couldn’t guarantee the club would carry on. It will still be a struggle, however we have some companies who are interested and we will have a new kit sponsor soon. We are actively seeking new sponsors all the time, we have had a spurt of growth on the website and social media from all the publicity the club has received. We believe after 1st September, when outside interest see that the club is still moving forward more will get involved. 

7. You have not acknowledged HUST or the fans team, what are your feelings towards this?
When new management came into the club they were aware that there were things being developed by other organisations, but couldn’t quite understand why. As time has gone on it was clear that they were following their passion, it's not that they are against Hereford United, they want it to continue to exist, in the best possible way for fans. We want the same thing and hope moving forward that we can win back support from their members. The fans game on Sunday sounds exciting, especially with Graham Turner managing the Mayors team, it will be a good watch and like we want here, we recommend fans to go and see it. 

8. What are the plans for the future?
The management wishes the club to move up through each division as swiftly as possible, the CVA points deduction is no longer a concern; we now start this league on a level playing field. The players that have been drafted in are young skilful players, we hope to attract outside interest and sell them onto other clubs. It is important to normalise the business and make it a profitable sustainable football club, making sure that in five years time it’s not in same situation again.


This from HUST:

The HUST AGM will take place at the Richmond Club on Edgar Street on Thursday, September 18th. The evening will start at 7.30pm

As part of the AGM, there will be an election for the Board of the Supporters Trust. Under the terms of the constitution all current board members will step down from their positions and can stand for re-election if they choose. Any full member of HUST can stand for election if they wish, and details of the process will be released in due course.

The AGM will also be the point at which membership renewals will be due. Details on how to renew your membership will also be released shortly.

Wise Words From Graham Turner

Former chairman and manager of Hereford United, Graham Turner, is involved in Sunday's event at Hinton FC.

He has spoken to the Hereford United Supporters Team.

I was delighted to accept the invitation to become involved in this very worthwhile event.
As a Freeman of the City of Hereford I feel it is my duty to assist the Mayor by managing his football Xl and support his charities. We are also supporting the “Adam Stansfield Foundation”. Adam was one of the most likeable players I have come across in my career. He did not need motivating, every training session and every match was met with the same enthusiasm, hard work and enjoyment. I say enjoyment because he always had a smile on his face. A great pro, sadly missed.

It is also an opportunity to team up again with some of the players who were prominent in the Club’s recent history. It will be a pleasure to see them again.

I am well aware of the problems the Club have faced in recent seasons and the uncertainty that abounds at present. It is hard to understand how things could have gone so wrong in such a short space of time, culminating in what could be the most important two weeks in the Club’s history.
If the current Directors come up with a solution before the Court date, good luck to them, it may be a new start for the Club, however, most supporters do not believe this will happen. It will then be down to a massive effort by supporters, many of whom will be at Sunday’s match, with some playing. Which ever way it goes there will be losers, however, the main issue in my view, is how the Council will act.

The Football Club, not any individual or company, are the leaseholders of Edgar Street. The Council are the Freeholders, therefore, able to control any development plans. Any developer who wishes to get involved will naturally want to make a profit, quite rightly, but after development costs the on-going profits from rent etc should be a three-way split.

The Council have to consider the rate payers and ensure they get a return from a valuable site. The long-term tenants need and should get a return. From experience, I know that it is a fine balancing act to come up with a scheme that will give the Club new facilities at each end of the ground, decent facilities, not just a small terrace tacked on to a large commercial development and a financial return for the three parties.

The site is possibly the most valuable five acres in the county, therefore, a solution must be found.
My dealings with the Council led me to believe they were very much supportive of the Club acknowledging the benefits a professional football club playing at a good level brings to the City. They hold the key to the future of Edgar Street, I hope they will demonstrate the same support for the Club as when I was involved. To protect the Club’s interest whether it be 1939 or a phoenix club.

I have been impressed with the efforts of our MP, Jesse Norman with his support of the Club. Whatever happens in eight days time he can play his part in the future of the Club, high profile support could prove invaluable.

Finally, our opponents today, HUST, I hope will go easy on our aging team. I have however, that vision of Superman plucking a cross out of the air, feeding the ball out to Clarkie galloping down the wing and crossing for Elmo, soaring like an eagle at the back post to head home the winner. Oh for those long-forgotten days when all supporters had to worry about was where to get a good pint and the result. Probably in that order!


Fans Waiting For Investment News

Fans are still waiting on further news about the planned investment into the club.

Monday's announcement from the club put season tickets on sale and promised further news through the week, but there has been little additional information since then.

Fans have called on the club to give further details about the sums and people involved, with concerns around the lack of explanation in the original announcement.

They have also expressed concern at Andy Lonsdale's comments about using the club to "showcase" young players, noting that the sums received for the likes of Sam Clucas and Ryan Bowman, just £20,000 in each case, was not sufficient to support the club's planned trading figures - and the fees for players were only likely to decrease two divisions further down the pyramid.

Bulls News understands that the Council have not received the payment promised to them last Friday as reported by the Hereford Times, and there has been little movement in the outstanding football creditors or winding-up petition with just 10 days to the September 1st Court appearance.

The club's Twitter feed told one fan yesterday: "as soon as we can announce any further information we will. We will update fans with season ticket sales by the end of the week."

Sunday At Hinton

Thursday, August 21, 2014

From The Archives - Bulls Defeat Arlesey

With Hereford United set to play Arlesey Town on Saturday here's a look back to the last time the two teams met.

Hereford United 1 - 0 Arlesey Town (October 26th 2002)

Hereford United went through to the first round of the FA Cup but lady luck played a major part as the Bulls beat off Arlesey Town 1-0.
The Ryman League Division One North side went down to a fifth minute goal, but from then on matched Hereford and probably deserved a goal.

United, without Matt Clarke, went into an early lead when a Richard Teesdale cross-field ball found Paul Parry in acres of space on the left channel. He ran inside and from fifteen yards, fired a low drive past Martyn Patching to open the scoring.

From then on, attacking play swayed from end to end. With seven minutes of the half remaining, Arlesey's Dean Harding fired over a corner from the far side for Dave Hatchett to nod into the net on the far post. However, the goal was ruled out by the referee for pushing in the box.

The second half saw the woodwork play a major part both sides searched for goals. Steve Guinan hit a shot from the edge of the box onto the bar five minutes into the period, but that ball bounced down onto the line and was swept away. At the other end, Matt Baker was tested by Wayne Cort and Justin Griffiths as the half came to a close.

With eight minutes left, Marvin Samuel fired a low shot onto the base of the post after beating Baker, but Jamie Pitman had scampered back to block the line. The loose ball was then fired wide by Griffiths as Arlesey seached for a replay.

A moment later, Chukki Eribenne should have made it safe for United but his rising effort rebounded off the upright. All credit to Arlesey, they gave Hereford a good game and nerves were jangling at the end. However, it's Hereford who go through into the first round, where they face a home tie against Wigan Athletic.

Bulls Supporter Tony Baker Has Died

Tony Baker With Former Hereford United Striker Dixie McNeil -Picture Taken By Steve Niblett At Bury In September 2010

Tony Baker, a lifelong supporter of Hereford United, has died at the age of 71.

Baker seldom missed a match at home or away and was a regular on the HUISA coach.

Gerald Powell often travelled with him.

“Tony followed the club for 60 years," Powell told the Hereford Times.

"We had some great times following Hereford United at Edgar Street and at all over the country and he was a lovely man with a heart of gold.

“On away trips, we often joked that Tony would start eating his sandwiches before the coach had even got out of Hereford.”

His funeral will take place at Hereford Crematorium at Noon on Wednesday, September 3.

Supporters Coach For Arlesey On Saturday

A supporters coach is set to travel to Arlesey Town fr the game against Hereford United on Saturday.

The coach will leave Edgar Street at 9.00am and the cost is £20 per person. 

Coventry Set To Return Back To City

Coventry are set to return to the Ricoh Arena after a 15 month campaign by supporters.

The Sky Blues decamped to Northampton after club owners SISU fell out with stadium owners ACL, then jointly owned by the local council and a charity, over rent payments.

The matter bounced around several courts with over 10,000 Sky Blues fans boycotting the club, with one gate at Sixfields just 1,603 after attracting gates of 15,000 the year before.

The legal matters now appear resolved, with a £470,000 payment due to ACL finally made. Newspaper reports say the club could be back in the city as early as September, subject to Football League approval.

Meanwhile, Bristol Rovers are seeking fresh investment after former chairman Geoff Dunford quit the board earlier in the week after 30 years with the club. 

Current chairman Nick Higgs confirmed they had summer negotiations with unnamed investors who chose to buy a different club, and they will now seek fresh sums after a poor start to the new season that has seen the Pirates take only one point from their opening three games.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pilkington Remembers Last Season At Hereford

Former Hereford United winger Danny Pilkington is now with Barrow and is hoping for a season free of injury and money worries.

"I had a tough season with a bad injury last year, so I just want to get playing and get as many games under my belt as I can this season," Pilkington told the North West Evening Mail.

He says he has now been paid '99%' of what he was owed by Hereford United.

“It was very tough, there were boys who were struggling to pay bills. It was hard for everybody.

“People outside the club saw it as ‘Hereford are struggling, they might get relegated’, but really there was a lot more to it. Players were really struggling.

“At this level, it’s not like people have loads of savings in their account. There were a few things said – that the footballers got loads of money but, really it wasn’t the case, people were struggling to pay their mortgages and things."

Pilkington feels that the board at Barrow will be more supportive than the board at Hereford was last season.

“It’s brilliant – it’s almost like the polar opposite, everything is so much more professional here.

“I’m not talking about the (football) management side of things because at Hereford the management really did try their best with what they were being given from the board.

“I just mean the owner/directors here (at Barrow) are brilliant, they’re different class. If you need anything they’ll look after you and I think it is the total opposite of how it has been for me over the last year."

Arlesey Lose Out At Corby

Hereford United's opponents next Saturday, Arlesey Town were defeated by Corby this evening.

Arlesey went 2-1 ahead in the 59 minute but Corby equalised on 61 minutes.

Then, after three minutes of added time, Corby scored the winner.

There were also wins for Cambridge City, who now top the League, and Burnham this evening.

Hereford remain in 17th position.

Transparency Needed At Edgar Street Says Owens

Earlier this week Hereford United chairman Andy Lonsdale promised that more money was to come into the club which would cover 'any problems satisfying the petition' 

The winding up petition is due to be heard once again in the High Court on Monday September 1st.

Commenting on Lonsdale's words, BBC Hereford and Worcester's sports editior Trevor Owens sounded a note of caution.

"This sudden apparent influx of money has raised as many questions as it has answered. 

"Uppermost among them are: where has the money come from, and why would you invest in a struggling Southern League club with reported debts of well over a million pounds?

"While most fans would accept there is always a degree of commercial confidentiality in such deals, the club needs to be as transparent as possible if it is to have any hope of regaining the trust of disillusioned supporters." 

Royston Trip Postponed

Saturday's Fans Team game at Royston Town has been postponed with the hosts struggling to raise a side.

The HUST Fans Team will now concentrate their efforts on Sunday's match at Hinton FC against the Mayor's XI managed by Graham Turner.

A new date for the Royston trip will be arranged later in the season.

Club Clears Protestors Of Blame

Statement from Hereford United on last night's incident:

During the game it was reported that people outside the stadium were trying to disrupt the game, this incident is being looked into by the club. We must praise our safety stewards for acting swiftly in resolving the issue without any disruption to the match. Hereford United believe this incident to be separate from the peaceful protest that was carried out before the game, we would like to thank them for demonstrating peacefully.

HUST Update On Boycott

This from HUST:

The HUST board continue to monitor the statements from Hereford United regarding payment of the debt in reference to the boycott that our members voted to implement.
In the past week a variety of statements have assured supporters that football creditors, the Council debts, and the Winding-Up petition will be settled. With those debts still currently outstanding, and the club saying it has the funds to meet the debts, it is entirely at the club's discretion to pay those sums and meet the terms to end the official boycott. At that point, the HUST board would be happy to enter into discussions with the club over the future of football at Edgar Street.
While the HUST Fans Team matches and protests organised by the Save1939 group have been praised by the Police for the exemplary behaviour of the fans in attendance, we note with sadness an incident at last night's match at Edgar Street. We have been assured by a number of people who were protesting at last night's game that they were not involved in the incident. We are aware that the club spent a substantial amount over the summer on a new CCTV system around Edgar Street and urge Hereford United to publish the images of the offenders so they can be identified by the fanbase.

More Details On Sunday's Fans Team vs Mayor's XI Game

Additional car parking has been secured at Hinton's Broomy Hill ground for fans. There may be a small charge for parking.

Hinton have arranged a BBQ, hopefully a hog roast, and refreshments including a can bar. Postcode of the ground is HR4 0LQ, situated off Broomy Hill next to the Waterworks Museum and model railway.

Gates open at 11am with donations to the Mayor's charity and the Adam Stansfield Foundation on entry.

UITC will be delivering coaching sessions before the main event kicks off at 2pm. The UITC speed cage and a bouncy castle should also be in attendance depending on a site visit later in the week - these will be confirmed later in the week.

Bidding for places on the Mayor's XI, managed by Graham Turner, are up for auction until 9pm tonight. Bids can be submitted to

Fans Team Replica Shirts Available

This from HUST:

Replica HUST Fans Team shirt are now available to order.

Both the white home and orange away shirts are available, priced at £19.99.

All sizes are currently available except for XL in the Home shirt, which will be available soon.

To order, please email with your details and which shirt and sizes you wish to order.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ex-Bulls At Pegasus

Pegasus lost 2-1 to Sporting Khalsa in their FA Cup replay tonight at Old School Lane.

Making a surprise start for Pegasus was former Bulls player and manager Jamie Pitman who, at 38, showed he had lost none of his ability.

Watching the game was Colin Addison. When asked why he wasn't at Edgar Street he told BN: "How can I go down there? I don't even know the players' names"

Former Bulls youth player Kane Khaki netted the Pegasus goal.

Bulls Take Three Points

Hereford United registered their first win of the season when they defeated Banbury Town 1-0 at Edgar Street this evening.

Dequon Eubanks put the Bulls ahead on 62 minutes after meeting a cross from Javier Roberts.

The attendance was reported as 569 including 38 in the away area, the highest gate in the League this evening.

Hereford's win moves them up to 17th position with four points from four games.

Poole Town top the League.

Lonsdale: "Showcase Them And Sell Them On"

Club chairman Andy Lonsdale has told BBC Hereford & Worcester that he cannot name the investors into the football club.

Insolvency practitioner Marc Landsman was keen to stress at last week's CVA meeting that Lonsdale was not a member of the board of the limited company, but only chairman of the football side.

Speaking to Jonathan Ray, Lonsdale told him: "Basically we had emergency meetings over the weekend with the investors, and the investors had decided to put money into the club and to make it run in the manner we want it to in the future now."

Asked if it was a significant investment he added: "Yes it is. It's quite a large investment. It's certainly enough to make sure we're quite... we can happily go forward in strength. We won't have any problems satisfying the petition that is due to be heard on the 1st of September."

Ray then asked Londale what was in it for the investors: "Basically the investors that have come forward want to carry on with the ethos that Tommy Agombar started here - the growth of young players, showcase them, and sell them on to bigger clubs.

"In time there is the development at either end, but that's in two years that's not now. There's also speculation in the media that we want to relocate Edgar Street elsewhere in Hereford. I want to say that is definitely not going to happen. We want the football to stay at Edgar Street forever."

Ray then moved onto Agombar and the shares, asking if they were still owned by Alpha Choice Finance Ltd - "Yes they are" - and are they the investors: "The investment has come from them and from outside sources."

Asked if he could name the other backers, Londale replied: "Not at the present time, no." Ray pressed the point about fans being skeptical, Lonsdale added: "As soon as we are able to notify you who the investors are we will."

"Make The Cheque Payable To..."

Bulls News has been told that the club are taking cheques for season tickets.

One caller, who rang the club this morning, was told that cheques were being accepted and - after some checking - was told to make it out to Gambrill & Co's client account.

Philip Gambrill was reported to be stepping down from the board at the end of the CVA process, with IP Marc Landsman telling the CVA meetings that he only remained on the board to meet the requirements of having three directors as the Articles of Association of the company demand.

Gambrill was acknowledged to have failed the FA's Owners & Directors Test by Landsman, due to his own personal IVA agreement, who said the FA were aware that he had to remain on board to keep the board at three. However the board remains at four according to Companies House with Tommy Agombar Jnr still listed as an active Director despite his own apparent failure of the test.

The club's own bank account would still be frozen due to the ongoing winding up petition.

Meanwhile, Landsman has issued the first report of the CVA meetings. The report is of the creditors meeting, with the notable point that he rejected over £43,000 of votes against the proposal and none in favour - however he notes that the rejection of the votes did not alter the result.

Landsman has also written to creditors and shareholders, by email, with the following:

'My involvement with the company is now at an end – I shall not be responding to any further emails or calls asking questions about the company and/or its future (unless they are to request paper copies of the Chairman’s Reports).' 

No Odds Offered On Banbury Game

Not one bookie is offering odds on tonight's game at Edgar Street despite yesterday's announcement that the club will continue.

At least 12 bookies are offering odds on each Southern League match tonight. Even Bideford's home match with Weymouth have odds listed from 15 bookmakers who appear unaware that the game was postponed yesterday after a 'total power loss' to all four floodlights at Bideford's Sports Ground home.

Hereford United are 125/1 outsiders to win the Southern League Cup in odds issued by Betway. They are in the only preliminary tie of the competition against Cinderford Town three weeks before the first round takes place.

Prize Bull Draw 13

This from HUST:

Prize Bull draw No.13 took place on Monday night.
The winning numbers are 4, 9, 18, and 24.
Should you have the winning combination, please contact to claim the jackpot.

Demonstration Tonight - 19:39 For HUFC 1939

The following has been received from the Save1939 protest group:

We plan for a 39 minute peaceful demonstration, outside the ground prior to Tuesdays game. The aim of the demonstration is to mark the demise of HUFC and celebrate the clubs proud history and tradition, rather than to specifically "target" the regime. Supporters are encouraged to wear their "colours" and bring their flags and to spend the duration of the demonstration singing pro HUFC songs and chants.

Demonstration times:
  • 19:00 Assemble outside the players entrance
  • 19:39 Disperse peacefully

UITC Youth Team Face Malvern In FA Youth Cup

The UITC youth side managed by Rob Purdie travels to Malvern on Monday, September 8th, for a FA Youth Cup game.

The match will kick off at Malvern's HDAnywhere Stadium that hosted the Fans Team game. Kick off is 7.30pm with admission £2 for adults and £1 for concessions.

What's Going On?

The Yeti questions what is going on at Hereford United.

What a difference a weekend makes, eh? Insolvent on Friday. Season ticket sales announced (again) on Monday. This suggests that our new owners somehow found several hundred thousand pounds down the back of the Meadow End which should pay off the creditors leading on the winding up petition. Phew. That was a close one. But we all know it wasn’t really. Remember the Insolvency Practioner shares an office with our unfit and unproper Director Peter Gambrill. So the IPs words on Friday that the club would be liquidated should always have been taken with a pinch of salt. Many fans did not believe him and they were right not to. The IP spun the script that the board gave to him. And lo and behold the new owners and remaining Directors announce on Monday that all is well with the world. Unsurprisingly, Peter Gambrill also shares another office with our new owners Alpha Finance. This is not a coincidence.
The new owners are here for one thing and one thing only and that’s the development rights for the stadium. Development does not happen overnight so they are clearly in it for the long haul. But they clearly want to put in as little cash as possible upfront. Why take the risk if you can get away with putting less in? The CVA would have been a nice little payment plan spread over three years while work took place behind the scenes to move the development along. The CVA fails and magically, it appears, there will be money to pay off the winding up petitioners. Funny that. Once that’s out of sight the less aggressive creditors will be rounded up again and offered another CVA to make things nice and easy for the new owners while they work on the plans for some shops and offices on the Blackfriars End. Or maybe how to relocate the club completely and cash in on developing the entire Edgar Street site?
And what about the football? It doesn’t matter what league we’re in if all they want to do is cash in on the development rights at each end of the ground. But it does matter what league we’re in if it’s decided to relocate the club. The minimum FA requirements are that Southern Premier League grounds should be able to accommodate 1950 spectators, 500 under cover with at least 250 of the undercover spaces seats with fans accessing the ground through 3 turnstiles. Don’t be surprised if the team deliberately stagnates in the Southern League for a while. During which time the dream of the Football League, and a stadium that meets League 2 requirements, will fade.
We need to #SaveEdgarStreet for Hereford United, in whatever form, from the clutches of our dishonest owners. They will come and go but the club will go on. Previous regimes frequently spoke about redevelopment and relocation but the gut feeling was they had the best interests of the club at heart (even if they made mistakes). John, Elke and Alpha Finance are in it for themselves.
If these people we’re ‘football men’ then they would have paid up the circa £300,000 they’ve invested in football creditors and the further £250,000(ish) they are about to hand over to HMRC, Foyle and Porter back in June and retained our Conference status. They didn’t and we’ve been fed a pack of lies ever since. This is why I will find it hard to ever support the current regime. After the financial debacle of the last four years more than ever I would like to see Hereford United become a fan owned club. Sadly I don’t think HUFC 1939 Ltd will ever be this club.
The way forward is long and complex. For the time being I urge all supporters to back the Supporters Trust boycott. Don’t be fooled or distracted by the drama happening around our club.  This is designed to make us look the other way whilst the real agenda is carried out under our noses.  The new owners are only in it for the development rights so let’s pull together and be United to #SaveEdgarStreet and get OUR club back.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Capacity Limitations To Remain In Place

Hereford United say the capacity at Edgar Street will remain at 1,000 for the next two games.

Both tomorrow night's game with Banbury and the Bank Holiday match with Redditch will have just 20% of the ground's capacity available to use. A club statement says the matter will be reviewed afterwards.

Club Still Owe Council £65k

Despite an assurance from Hereford United chairman Andy Lonsdale, Herefordshire Council say that they are still waiting for an outstanding sum of £65K to be paid.

According to the Hereford Times, Lonsdale spoke to Geoff Hughes the Director for Economy, Communities and Corporate late on Friday and assured him the money would be paid.

Should the money not be paid the Council may go ahead with a winding up order next month.

Meanwhile Lonsdale has told BBC Hereford and Worcester that the club will last the season.

"Basically we're confident because we are very passionate about the club," said Lonsdale.

"I've been going to the club for three months and it's grown very close to my heart.

"We've all decided that we want to save the club, we want to go forward in an orderly fashion and keep this club running."